Evolve YT Announces PestWorld Winners

Evolve YT Announces PestWorld Winners

The four winners selected were Lynn Sutton, American Pest Control; Drew Denton, Anchor Pest Control; Darrell Lee, Future Services; and Ryan Thorstenson, Interstate Pest Management.

November 22, 2021

TRENTON, N.J. – Drawing over 100 pest management professionals (PMPs) into his Bridging Generations session at PestWorld, Evolve YT CEO Phil Cooper presented four lucky PMPs with free registration to the upcoming Bridging Generations course. 

“PestWorld is about growing, and we wanted to provide PMPs with the chance to grow personally and professionally, by giving away free registrations during the ‘Bridging Generations’ presentation,” said Chief Operations Officer, Robert DiJoseph.

DiJoseph explained that during the two-part Thought Leader session, Cooper selected two winners from each session, allowing them the chance to enroll in one of the upcoming courses.

“This prize is more than just a monetary savings on their end,” said Cooper. “They’re being giving a chance to experience our unique Supervisor Development Courses, where they can grow, learn and become a better supervisor. Our program is designed to accelerate a company’s growth profits by developing their team and this prize is intended to give them that jumpstart.” 

The four winners selected were Lynn Sutton of American Pest Control Inc., Drew Denton of Anchor Pest Control, Darrell Lee of Future Services Inc., and Ryan Thorstenson of Interstate Pest Management. 

For more information on Evolve YT Supervisor Development Courses, visit www.EvolveYT.com. For information on the Bridging Generations courses, visit https://evolveyt.com/courses/