Evolve YT Announces New Communication Course

Evolve YT Announces New Communication Course

The new course, Exquisite Communication – What + How = WOW, takes place virtually on Feb. 9.

January 10, 2022

TRENTON, N.J. – Evolve YT announced that is has expanded its offerings with the new course, Exquisite Communication – What + How = WOW. 

The course, which is based off the methodology behind WOW, the exquisite communication process Phil Cooper introduced in his book What + How = WOW, will be held virtually on Feb. 9, for a four-hour, one-day session.

“The What +How = WOW methodology has been implemented in multiple industries and hundreds of companies nationwide,” said Evolve YT CEO Phil Cooper. “Students will be able to learn the 5 steps of WHAT to Communicate and the 12 steps of HOW to Communicate. Then at the end of the course, they will understand each step, how to practice it and how to grade each step, so they can learn to communicate with ninja-like precision.”

Cooper stated that the course is ideal for all service providers who want to improve their communication with clients as well as their teammates.

“Great communication is the foundation for success in every business,” he said. “So everyone, whether you’re a technician, service manager, customer service representative or anyone else, can take this course and learn the key disciplines to improve communication, which also helps increase the customer service experience.”

The first Exquisite Communications – What +How = WOW course is scheduled for Feb. 9, from noon to 4 p.m. EST. Registration is $295 per person and students can be enrolled by clicking here. Group discounts are available and can be inquired here. 

For more information on the Supervisor Development Courses at Evolve YT, visit www.EvolveYT.com