Evolve YT Releases Leadership eBook

Evolve YT Releases Leadership eBook

The free eBook, titled “How to Separate Contenders from Pretenders in Your Business,” reviews the importance of why it is important to invest in your leaders and more.

October 11, 2021

TREANTON, N.J.  – Pest control companies across the country may face similar problems but one all too common mistake is when supervisors fail to hire the right person for a managerial role. Promoting your high performer may seem like the perfect option for a supervisor role but more often than not, countless hours are wasted on training, team morale plummets, productivity drops, and you’re left scratching your head in confusion. 

According to research from Gallup, “companies fail to find the right talent for the job 82% of the time.” So, what are companies to do to avoid making these costly mistakes? 

Evolve YT, developer of the Supervisor Development courses, experienced the same mistakes when Chief Transformation Officer Phil Cooper owned his own company Cooper Pest Solutions before selling it.

“We’ve lived and experienced first-hand the problems an ineffective manager can have on a company, which is why we created our Supervisor Development courses,” Cooper said. 

Cooper implemented the same courses within his business prior to acquisition by Terminix and saw a substantial difference in his managers, team morale and productivity at Cooper Pest Solutions. 

In an effort to help other companies realize that they do not need to make the same costly mistakes, Evolve YT created a free eBook titled “How to Separate Contenders from Pretenders in Your Business.”

The eBook features information on why it is important to invest in your leaders, who leadership training is designed for, what happens when you invest in the right people, how to determine the right leaders without wasting time or money on the wrong people and more.

“We created this eBook to provide companies with the information they need in order to avoid costly mistakes that can turn a good company that’s headed for success into one doomed for failure,” Cooper said. “Middle-management is often overlooked when it comes to training, but in fact, can have the greatest impact on your business’ future success.”

Cooper explained that unlike traditional leadership training that is geared for executive teams, Evolve YT focuses on current and emerging middle management leaders. 

“Your front-line supervisors and managers have a bigger impact on your bottom line, employee retention and team morale than you think,” he said. “By investing in these leaders and their future, you’re setting your business up for true success.” 

In addition to the eBook’s release, PestWorld attendees can expect to see an abbreviated version of Evolve YT’s Bridging Generations course on November 4th during one of the Thought Leader Sessions. 

For more information on Evolve YT, click here. To download the eBook “How to Separate Contenders from Pretenders.”