Five Tips for Email Marketing

Five Tips for Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is an effective way to reach your audience, but it must be done creatively and strategically.

December 18, 2019

Editor’s note: The following “Five Tips for Email Marketing” was created by GIE Media’s Industrial Group.

(1)    Make your emails mobile-friendly.  While most people check emails on their phones, several companies still send emails that don’t look attractive when viewed on a mobile device. Work with your developers to design an email that will boost engagement and will be easy to read, both on desktop and mobile.

(2)    Personalize your emails.  Customers want to receive messages that have value. Include personalized subject lines or use a first name salutation. This will catch someone’s eye more than a generic greeting.
(3)    Find your target audience. Every audience will have a different hook, whether it’s their age, demographic or location. Try A/B testing with subject lines and body copy to determine what types of marketing emails work for each target group, keeping in mind that one option might not work for another.
(4)    Reach out to your inactive list.  Follow up with unresponsive prospects and state that you “haven’t heard from you in a while,” to pique their interest. Offer a special discount or incentive for them to become active again.
(5)    Analyze your data.  Some companies benefit from sending an email every day, others don’t. Examining open and click-through rates on a handful of emails sent at various days and times will determine when is best for your customers. Furthermore, keep track of opt-outs after each email to determine what frequency is good for you and your audience.