FlexICU Flashlight and Utility Holder and QC DustBrush Introduced

FlexICU Flashlight and Utility Holder and QC DustBrush Introduced

New products help make pest control applications easier and more precise, manufacturer BRS Pest Management Innovations reports.

February 5, 2019

BRS Pest Management Innovations has introduced the FlexICU Flashlight and Utility Holder and the QC DustBrush.

The FlexICU Flashlight and Utility Holder was designed as a tool to help service professionals solve the problem of trying to perform a service while holding a flashlight along with a sprayer handle, actuator, duster, or bait gun at the same time. The FlexICU is a new, versatile device to give professionals hands-free convenience.The company reports that the FlexICU was designed and tested to securely hold over 700 different tactical, handheld, and utility flashlights and other devices such as bait tubes, screwdrivers, and inspection tools. This lightweight, professional quality device is constructed of a durable, chemical resistant polymer to provide a flexible, but secure fit. The easy mount and quick release features of the FlexICU allow the unit to be attached to many common pest management tools and devices including sprayers, dusters, dusting extensions, etc. in seconds.

"The QC DustBrush is a game changer for effectively and accurately applying insecticide dust to mattress seams, furniture, and equipment while reducing drift," said Dr. Jamel Sandidge owner and inventor. The durable stainless steel elbow joint allows the head of the QC DustBrush to rotate 360 degrees once attached to a duster, making it possible to reach every seam and stitch at any angle, the company reports.

The FlexICU joins an innovative product line, including the BRS DustROD with its unique application tip specifically designed to mimic the shape and size of most common insect pests.  

Learn more at www.dustrod.com