Forshaw Launches Wildlife Management Distribution

Forshaw Launches Wildlife Management Distribution

The distributor adds wildlife management to its portfolio of products. Wildlife expert and biologist Frank Fowler has been tapped to lead this new division.

September 9, 2022

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Forshaw announced the official launch of its new Wildlife Management Distribution.  This expansion of products will provide Forshaw the opportunity to supply Wildlife Control solutions nationwide through a variety of trusted products including live-traps, baits, and exclusion.  

To lead this new division, Forshaw has tapped Wildlife expert and biologist Frank Fowler, who will lend his 20+ years of Wildlife industry expertise as he helps to supply solutions to clients and consumers from coast-to-coast. “We all know Forshaw as a leader in pest management distribution, so I couldn’t be happier to work with them to take their industry standard and lend that to wildlife control," Fowler said. "Working with our vendors we have curated a top-tier offering of products for an array of animals to help ensure the best results for both prevention and management of wildlife in diverse territories nationwide.” 

“Pest management has been seeing a surge in the wildlife control field over the past few years,” states Mark DeGeare, director of business development and sales at Forshaw. “The strength of the market is opening new avenues of growth for our clients as they look to acquire and extend into wildlife management services.  To complrment this demand, Forshaw is offering our expertise as a pest distribution company and is supplying confidence to both new and existing wildlife control customers, by providing proven solutions, curated products and industry expertise, all lead by our wildlife specialist, Frank Fowler.”
Forshaw President Tom Forshaw said, “While we in the industry separate pests from wildlife, a lot of our clients’ customers do not. We want to be able to provide total solutions for our customers and the problems they face. Couple that with our ForeSight App for inventory management and it’s a win-win.”
Forshaw’s new service will cover animals from armadillos to snakes, offering products for removal, exclusion, management, and control. To learn more visit, or reach out to Frank Fowler at