Bob Gilbert
Bob Gilbert

Arizona PMP Wins E.O. Wilson Book Giveaway

Bob Gilbert, training manager at Blue Sky Pest Control, wins a copy of Naturalist: A Graphic Adaptation.

June 14, 2022

GILBERT, Ariz. — Bob Gilbert, staff entomologist at Blue Sky Pest Control, Gilbert, Ariz., was announced as the winner of PCT’s recent giveaway of E.O. Wilson’s Naturalist: A Graphic Adaptation.

Gilbert has extensive experience in his field, as he studied environmental forest biology at Syracuse University and later received a master's in entomology from Clemson University. As staff entomologist, Gilbert oversees the training of new technicians, introducing them to standard operating procedures and teaching classes on topics such as rodent identification.

Gilbert says he is thrilled to receive this book and add it to his collection of other E.O. Wilson works, including the renowned Ants. Gilbert says he admires Wilson for his groundbreaking research, his thoroughness of investigation and his ability to make the information comprehensible to the average person. To learn more about Wilson, read PCT’s examination of his life from our April issue, including E.O. Wilson: A Field Biologist at Heart.