New Book Explores the Purpose of Insects in the World

New Book Explores the Purpose of Insects in the World

Entomologists Josh Shoemaker and Gary Braness announced the publication of "God & the World of Insects."

September 24, 2017

The most recent examination of the role insects play in our world is “God & the World of Insects,” written by entomologists and longtime industry professionals Josh Shoemaker and Gary Braness.

Shoemaker is an Associate Certified Entomologist with more than 20 years experience in urban pest management. He has taught hundreds of seminars on insect and arachnid biology and is a former adjunct professor at Arizona Christian University. Braness, a PhD, is consulting entomologist and owner of Yosemite Environmental Services, Fresno, Calif. His research has been published in the Journal of Economic Entomology and many of his articles have appeared in industry trade magazines.

The book is described as an exploration “viewed through the eyes of entomologists and scientists who believe in a Creator God. The chapters discuss the design, nature, and purpose of insects in the world while at the same time showing the beauty and diversity of insects.” Contributors consider such topics as the vision of bees, the importance of ants, and the role of insects in advancing technology and drug therapy. 

Among the questions addressed are:
• Are insects protectors or destroyers of the ecosystem?
• Why are there insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches?
• Do insects suffer?
• How should humans respond to the world of insects?

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Here is a sampling of reviews from the authors’ pest control industry colleagues:

“God & the World of Insects”  is an insightful look at the complex world of insects through the eyes of entomologists/scientists who believe in a Creator God. This book presents evidence of design, common blueprint and purpose of the Creator, by pointing to the beauty and diverse insect world as a demonstration of His plan. The authors challenge the reader to open their eyes and their minds to see both the beauty and diversity of the insect world through the Creator’s design. I would hope that this book would not only be read and contemplated, but also become weather-beaten by being part of one’s scientific reference library.
—Paul Baker, PhD Emeritus, Professor of Entomology, University of Arizona

The superb diversity of arthropod taxa, together with the chemicals of which they are comprised, is aptly represented in this well-written and unique work. Rarely is any effort given to herald the providential hand of our Creator God in jeweling each ecosystem with a plethora of insects, mites, arachnids and related taxa to populate every acre with enough creatures for inexhaustible life- or eternity-long study. The coeditors and authors do a splendid job in shepherding us onto a trail of exploration of this symphony of creatures interdependent through complex dietary webs. Interweaving of God’s lovingly written word into this volume provides a conceptual foundation that should foster creative research where we partner with God instead of being divorced from any notion of purposeful design. Topics range from the masterpiece of bee vision and eloquent metamorphosis to the incredible beauty of adaptive functionality generating arthropod chemicals useful in innovative pest control and drug therapy. Insects may best exemplify that there are always exceptions to any human theoretical rule, and that all creation brings glory to God.
—Chris Mullen, PhD, Professor of Insect Toxicology, Penn State University

In this masterfully written work, Josh Shoemaker and the contributing authors remind us of the inseparable relationships between science and faith, evolution and intelligent design, and finally, God and our universe. I highly recommend this book to all who want to further understand the relationship between the Creator and the created order.
—Mike Masterson, Founder and CEO of Isotech Pest Management, Host of Verminators on The Discovery Channel