Guarantee Pest Control Seeks Cereal Drive Donations

Guarantee Pest Control Seeks Cereal Drive Donations

The Bowling Green, Ky.-based company is welcoming mail-in and Venmo donations to reach its goal of donating 10,000 boxes of cereal to schools in need in November.

November 17, 2021

Guarantee Pest Control, Bowling Green, Ky., is working toward a goal of collecting 10,000 boxes of cereal for schools and students in need this month.

In its fourth year, the cereal drive is part of Guarantee’s mission to “create a culture of caring.” From October through December, the company focuses on loving and giving back to the community.

“These are the months that the world seems like it’s not stopping, and people who need love the most get overlooked,” said India Unseld, Guarantee office manager.

That includes schools whose pantries were depleted during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why November’s focus is collecting cereal to fill about 22 elementary, middle and high school kitchen shelves in Allen, Barren, Warren and Cumberland counties.

“We’re hoping to stock them back up for a few years,” said Unseld.

Guarantee’s cereal drive began in 2018 after a representative at a local nonprofit told the company that cereal flies off pantry shelves.

“It’s something kids can eat without milk, and it still fills them up,” explained Unseld. “It’s easy to fix if they are home alone.”

Guarantee’s collection numbers have steadily increased since 2018, when employees collected 3,238 boxes of cereal. In 2019, they collected 4,483 boxes, and in 2020, they collected 6,193. 

“Our office was stacked, and it was the best feeling,” Unseld said.

This year’s goal is 10,000 boxes, and Guarantee is seeking help from the outside community to expand its reach further and help schools in as many counties in need as possible. Those interested in donating can mail cereal boxes or funds to support the cause to Guarantee Pest Control, 860 Lain Ave., Bowling Green, KY 42101, or Venmo company owner Jimmy Blankenship @Jimmy-Blankenship-3. Funds will be used to purchase cereal.

Unseld said that if boxes of cereal are left over after donating to the schools, Guarantee will give them to a local nonprofit that supports the homeless population. However, the company’s focus is to first ensure that schools in need are well-stocked.

“We’re getting really close to our goal,” said Unseld.

For more information, visit Guarantee Pest Control on Facebook.