Heat Treatment Books Available from GreenTech

Heat Treatment Books Available from GreenTech

Three new books from GreenTech help educate those interested in the use of convected heat for pest control.

July 2, 2019

ANAHEIM, Calif. — GreenTech Heat has published three new books in their quest to educate those interested in the use of convected heat for pest control. These books provide an overview of the history of heat in the pest control industry as well as keen insights into applying the technology that has been developed and perfected over the past 30 years. 

Hot House: A Selective History of Convected Heat in the Pest Control and Remediation Industries provides an introduction to the development of the thermal pest control industry from its beginnings in academia through its modern applications. In this book, Dr Linford writes about his pioneering methodology and describes how heat has become a world-wide method of safely and effectively killing and controlling insects without the use of harmful pesticides. Writing from his first-hand perspective on the technology, Dr. Linford describes the use of heat to kill structural wood destroying pests, stored food infestations, and household pests including cockroaches and bed bugs. This book reveals the many markets that may be served effectively with convected heat.

A second book is titled Termite and Other Wood-Destroying Organisms Heat Treatment Field Guide and details specific heat treatment techniques for killing termites and other wood-destroying pests with convected heat. The termite field guide is a resource for those interested in the process of conducting successful heat treatments for termites and other wood destroying insects including powder post beetles and provides instruction for treatments ranging in size from spot isolation treatments to whole-house treatments to multi-unit and commercial structure treatments. 
The third book is an expanded edition of the Bed Bug and General Pest Heat Treatment Field Guide. This newly-revised and expanded book provides detailed training for thermal general pest control including bed bugs and cockroaches. In combination with a classroom and hands-on program, the State of California has approved this Field Guide for up to eight continuing education credits. 
All three books are immediately available at www.GreenTechHeat.com/manuals.