Stoy Hedges Seeking Live Wood-Infesting Beetle Specimens

Stoy Hedges Seeking Live Wood-Infesting Beetle Specimens

Industry consultant is asking PCT readers to send him these difficult-to-find pests for photography purposes.

May 16, 2018
Brad Harbison
Industry consultant Stoy Hedges is in search of live wood-infesting beetles for photography purposes.

“Good photographs of various wood-infesting beetles that are found in structures are lacking because these beetles are not commonly encountered or are more localized in the areas where they are common,” Hedges said.

Hedges is asking PCT readers to supply him with live specimens of various WDO specimens that they might encounter when servicing accounts.  These include powderpost beetles (lyctids, anobiids, and bostrichids [including the black polycaon) as well wharf borers, wood-infesting weevils, old house borers or other longhorned beetles that may be found invading wood in a building. (NOTE: this does not include Asian longhorn beetles or emerald ash borers as these are quarantine species.)

Should you like to help, contact Hedges at for information on shipping. In return, Hedges will be happy to provide photographs of the specimen for your use.