Hoffman’s Helps NFL’s Eagles Go Green

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Hoffman’s Exterminating is using the ActiveSense system as the centerpiece of its green, sustainable pest control program for the Philadelphia Eagles.

September 24, 2021

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In April, the Philadelphia Eagles announced a multi-year partnership with Hoffman’s Exterminating, Mantua, N.J., that is founded on two shared values: sustainability and giving back to the community.

Bill Hoffman, president and CEO of Hoffman’s Exterminating, said, “We see this partnership as a game-changer. Most of us grew up as Eagles fans, and as business- people, we understand the impact their brand will have on helping Hoffman’s continue to earn the trust of our customers. We look forward to great things.”

Hoffman’s Exterminating has been servicing Lincoln Financial Field and the team’s practice facility, the NovaCare Complex, with environmentally friendly pest control products and solutions. A company staple for many years, Hoffman’s integrated pest management system replaces pesticides and rodenticides with traps, exclusion methods and cultural controls.

“Our expertise is to have the knowledge and experience to do what’s necessary, that no pests are in these facilities, whether it’s a food facility, whether it’s a stadium, whether it’s an office complex, a school,” Hoffman said.

A Hoffman service professional inspecting a cabinet in a food preparation area at Lincoln Financial Field.
Hoffman Exterminating service professional inspecting an insect light trap.
Hoffman Exterminating service professional checking a rodent bait station for activity.

The centerpiece of Hoffman’s sustainable, green pest management program at Lincoln Financial Field is the installation of the ActiveSense system, electronic monitoring technology from Corteva Agriscience. The system allows Hoffman’s to proactively monitor for rodent activity around-the-clock, even when not on-site. More than 700 sensors have been installed throughout the 1.6-million-square-foot stadium facility, in order to keep an eye on even hidden areas. This is the largest Active- Sense system install to date.

With seven floors, numerous hidden areas and corridors, and cables running up and down walls, Lincoln Financial Field presents numerous pest management challenges. Because of the immense scale of this project, Hoffman’s worked diligently in determining where to best install the sensors and how to utilize all of the Active- Sense system’s capabilities. As Hoffman noted, “We wanted to make sure that we can put this system in. Understand it. That we can deliver and interpret the data, so we can come up with a better program to enhance their expectations to reduce any issues that they may have had and again, hitting that sustainability.”

Corteva Agriscience has been supporting Hoffman’s throughout the project, beginning with the planning process to ensure equipment arrived on time. Also, several Corteva members were on-site to help with the installation. And, Corteva’s partnership didn’t stop after the installation, said ActiveSense Category Lead April Ernest. “We continue to support Hoffman’s use of the ActiveSense system at Lincoln Financial Field and their other client sites, as needed, and the Hoffman’s team is providing real-world perspective to our team that is helping inform future technology enhancements.”

One area in Lincoln Financial Field where Hoffman’s has found the ActiveSense system to be incredibly valuable has been the underground substructure — the inner-workings of the structure that includes multiple floors. “We were able to put these systems in and then look at each floor individually to determine if we have an issue. Is there a problem? Do we need to monitor, alter, change, pivot?” Hoffman said. After having reviewed data generated from the ActiveSense system, Hoffman said they have made some adjustments, “so that we are providing a program best fitted to serve the purpose of the NFL (which) is focused on sustainability, safety and brand protection.”

An aerial map of ActiveSense sensors at Lincoln Financial Field.

Catherine Carlson, senior vice president of revenue and strategy for the Philadelphia Eagles said, “As part of our team’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are excited to add another layer to our already comprehensive Go Green program with Hoffman’s Exterminating.” The Eagles say their Go Green program is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly measures. Featuring a LEED Gold stadium certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and a GBAC STAR accreditation, the team diverts 99 percent of waste from landfills and operates on 100 percent clean energy, the Eagles report. The use of organic, eco-friendly products will further assist the Eagles in reducing their environmental footprint.

Corteva’s Ernest said not only was Lincoln Financial Field the largest ActiveSense system install to date, but the high-profile nature of the site helps raise awareness around how pest management professionals are using the technology and applying its data to deliver stronger integrated pest management programs. “It’s proof that clients see the value ERM systems can offer, and they are willing to pay for it if it means more targeted service, better pest protection and overall sustainability,” she added.

An added benefit to Hoffman’s partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles is advancement of Hoffman’s philanthropic efforts. Hoffman’s will make an annual $10,000 donation to the Eagles Autism Challenge and serve as an associate partner of the Eagles Youth Football Academy, helping the team kickoff camps at the end of April.