How to Avoid Stinging Pest Activity This Summer

How to Avoid Stinging Pest Activity This Summer

Dr. Brittany Campbell spoke on behalf of the Professional Pest Management Alliance about how to stay away from stinging pests this time of year.

July 21, 2021

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Dr. Brittany Campbell, a spokesperson for the Professional Pest Management Alliance, discussed the best ways to avoid stinging pests such as yellowjackets, wasps and hornets in a segment for FOX 19 Now in Cincinnati, Ohio. To watch the interview, click here

Campbell said communication with children about the nests of stinging pests is essential. Children should be aware of what nests look like and know to keep a distance from them.

Stinging pests are attracted to sweet smelling things, she said. She suggests covering cans, pouring beverages into clear glasses to see possible pests and keeping food away and covered.

Porches can be a prime spot for stinging pest activity, Campbell said. It is important to check porches for pests regularly and clean up after oneself when outside. 

Wasp nests get bigger during the late summer. She said it is important for homeowners to call a pest management professional if they see a nest on their property.

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