How PMPs are Positioning ERM When Selling to Customers

Electronic remote monitoring’s benefits are apparent to ActiveSense® users.

Selling a new technology such as electronic remote monitoring can feel intimidating, but with the ActiveSense® system, it doesn’t have to be. While every client is different, we’re hearing from our ActiveSense Trusted Providers (ATPs) in the field that, when presented with the value of the ActiveSense system and what it can enable, clients are more concerned about receiving the best protection for their money.

What is it about the ActiveSense system that resonates most with clients? ATPs report the time savings the system provides and how that time can be reallocated to strengthen pest prevention as the benefits that rise to the top for clients. Hoffman’s Exterminating in Philadelphia has had great success selling the technology to new and existing clients. Here are two recent success stories from its team.

The first story comes from a Hoffman’s salesperson who was bidding on a local farmers market. He knew the ActiveSense system would allow Hoffman’s to provide the strongest pest prevention by monitoring for rodent activity 24/7 but was concerned the technology may be outside of the client’s budget. He decided to offer the client the choice of two different programs, one with the ActiveSense system and one without. The salesperson learned that day to never assume what the client wants, because the client chose the program with ActiveSense included, noting they wanted the best pest protection.

Our second story highlights how current clients will invest in the ActiveSense system, especially when the technology helps enable elevated service and data-driven pest prevention. When a bakery client informed the food safety account manager that a cockroach had been found in a box of baked goods processed at the facility, the account manager asked to be walked through the packaging process. During the walkthrough, they entered the break room and an inspection revealed the cockroaches were being brought in by employees.

The account manager told the client the designated service length only allowed enough time to inspect rodent equipment and didn’t allow time for proactive inspection. But he had a fix. He explained that adding the ActiveSense system, with 24/7 monitoring capabilities and real-time alerts, would reduce the number of rodent equipment inspections so more time could be spent focusing on other areas of the facility, leading to stronger pest prevention. The client agreed.

The ActiveSense system now monitors pest activity in interior multi-catch traps, allowing the account manager to proactively identify conducive conditions and recommend additional services that leave the client better protected while generating additional revenue.

When it comes to introducing new technology, such as the Active-Sense system, being aware of how the client will react is always a legitimate concern. But the ActiveSense system is proving to be valuable in the field, and clients are taking notice. These examples illustrate that clients trust your expertise and recommendations, including around new technology. ATPs have been especially successful when sharing with clients how the technology enables them to reallocate the time on-site, allowing their pest management professional to strengthen their pest prevention in the long-term.

March 2022
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