In Memoriam: Hal Stein

In Memoriam: Hal Stein

Stein, former president of Crane Pest Control and a past NPMA president, passed away on Tuesday. He was 90.


Harold S. "Hal" Stein, Jr., who served as president of Crane Pest Control from 1968 – 2014, passed away at home on May 31, 2022, after an extended period of illness. He was 90 years old. 

Stein was a licensed pharmacist who joined his father-in-law, Eric Livingston, in the pest control business in 1959. He worked for Crane Pest Control for 54 years, retiring at age 83. To get his start in the industry, he attended classes at Purdue University, where he met industry leaders. He was able to contribute his public health background to help fashion Crane Pest Control into a commercial management business specializing in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for food-handling and healthcare clients. 

He was elected as a member of Pi Chi Omega in 1975, the same year he was elected president of the National Pest Management Association (then NPCA). Crane Pest Control was sold to Rollins, Inc., in 2009 (related: Hal Stein Leaves Crane with a Legacy of Honesty and Commitment).

Outside of his professional life, he had many passions including, studying esoteric philosophy, “spinning the dials” on his shortwave radio, going fishing for salmon and attending 49ers and Sharks games. Most of all, he enjoyed spending time with and traveling with his family. He will be missed for his unfailing kindness, moral clarity, warmth, silly jokes and gentle outlook. 

He is survived by his extraordinary wife of 68 years, Vera Stein; children Deborah Stein Hoffman (Craig) and Peter L. Stein (Brian Freeman); and grandchildren Jessia Hoffman and Gabriel Hoffman.