Insects Limited Unveils Moth-Resistant Garment Bags

Insects Limited Unveils Moth-Resistant Garment Bags

The new garment bags have a unique zipper mechanism designed to keep moths out.


GreenWay, an Insects Limited brand, is now offering moth-resistant garment bags with scientifically proven designs to prevent clothes moths from entering and damaging clothing.

The garment bag contains no holes around the hanger or along any seams where moths can enter. Entomologists and engineers combined their knowledge of insects and materials to produce a unique zipper mechanism that becomes completely sealed when closed. A double layer of quality hook and loop fasteners on either side of the termination point of the zipper prevents moths from picking up the attractive odors of furs, feathers and woolens.

A clear view window on the front of the bag allows the user to keep an eye on the garments inside to make sure moth activity is not occurring. Made from a soft, non-woven environmental fabric to keep garments clean and dry, the bag is designed to hold up to six garments.

"There was a void of garment bags on the market that were effective against clothes moths,” said Pat Kelley, Insects Limited president. “Insects Limited listened to its customers and went to work. Our new GreenWay garment bag has been specifically engineered to prevent moths from entering, and they are excellent way to protect valued articles of clothing.”

The new garment bags are part of a complete clothes moth management solution that also includes freezer bags and pheromone traps.