June Van Klaveren Releases Children’s Book

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November 8, 2021

June Van Klaveren announced the publication of children’s book “Me and Smugg, the Bug.”

June Van Klaveren, an author and pest control marketing specialist, has launched a children’s book connecting a bug to kindness and friendship. Images and details about the book can be found at Amazon.com by searching for “Smugg, the Bug.”

Titled “Me and Smugg, the Bug. A Story of an Unlikely Friendship,” this rhyming, colorful book is inspired by the fact that friendships can happen even among the most unlikely of creatures. It was written for children ages 2 to 6.

“The idea of a bug and a boy becoming friends opens the possibility of becoming friends with those different from ourselves — and possibilities are what childhood is all about,” said Van Klaveren. “I wanted this book to touch children’s hearts and help them connect with the value of friendship and kindness.”

Van Klaveren, who is also a former teacher, said she believes the book will inspire classroom discussions and activities. “Whether friendships occur between people or between creatures and people, experience has convinced me that without friendships, life is empty,” she said.

Van Klaveren hopes that through the magic of the book, children will empathize with Smugg the Bug and realize the importance of being kind to everyone. The story touches the challenge many children face when it comes to making friends.

The book is ideal for any child whose parents are associated with the pest control industry, she added. “Me and Smugg, the Bug” can be found on Amazon in both print and digital editions by searching “Smugg, the Bug” and more information about Van Klaveren can be found at www.JuneVanKlaveren.com.

Q: What company was recently mentioned on Jeopardy!? A: Terminix

Terminix’s bed bug service guarantee was a clue in a recent episode of Jeopardy!

The clue was part of the category “I want to suck your blood,” which dealt with all things related to, well, bloodsucking (e.g., leeches and vampire bats).

The clue: Terminix offers a 30-day guarantee when removing these bloodsuckers — 90 days if you buy a mattress encasement.”

The answer, of course: “bed bugs.” In case you were wondering, the entire PCT staff answered quickly and correctly!

Entomologist Breaks Down Bug Scenes in Movies and TV

A new YouTube video from entomologist Dr. Sammy Ramsey has gone viral. In the video, Ramsey breaks down bug scenes from movies and TV (check out the YouTube clip). For example, in the movie “Silence of the Lambs,” when entomologists were examining a moth found on a victim’s body Ramsey noted, “No forensic entomologist is going to sit around and do this type of dissection without gloves.”

A born entertainer, Ramsey was a finalist in the “American Idol Experience” at Walt Disney World. His love of performing — and insects — comes through on this and other videos, which have become YouTube sensations. PCT profiled Ramsey in a 2012 feature (downloadable here). The article explored how Ramsey was able to overcome a difficult childhood and turn his entomophobia (fear of insects) into a love of insects.