Lance Adams Celebrates Anniversary at Burns Pest Elimination

Lance Adams Celebrates Anniversary at Burns Pest Elimination

Adams has been with the Arizona firm for 19 years.

June 13, 2018
Edited by the PCT Staff
PHOENIX, Ariz. — Burns Pest Elimination honored Lance Adams for his dedicated professionalism and contribution to the family business for 19 years. His commitment to greatness and providing quality service has been second to none for almost two decades, the company reports.. 

“Lance has always been someone Burns Pest can count on and consistently depend on,” said Jack Dayen, director of business operations, Burns Pest Elimination. “His dedication to providing excellent service has helped establish the distinguished reputation we have today.” 

Adams started working for Burns Pest Elimination 19 years ago. He began in the customer care department, moved into the role of lead salesperson in the weed control division and is now head of the outbound sales division. His leadership skills and initiative make him a role model and mentor for new and current employees. 

Burns Pest Elimination recognized Adams for his contributions and his lively, fun-spirited personality. His efforts don’t end with pest elimination service; he also has been the team manager of the company’s softball team for eight years. Adams is a vital member of the Burns Pest Elimination team and his efforts have helped shape the company today.