Liberty Pest Control Providing Free Cleaning Services to Clients

Liberty Pest Control Providing Free Cleaning Services to Clients

Brooklyn-based firm is taking one worry off its clients’ plates.

May 15, 2020

NEW YORK - “People thought we were crazy,” said Joe Temperino, co-owner of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Liberty Pest Control, recalling the cool reception Liberty received after it had introduced a sanitizing program two years ago envisioned by he and co-owner Rich Cappa, and brought to reality by managing partner Alex Dallas, who has a science and technology background. 

After having no success selling the program, Liberty literally shelved it, storing eight disinfection machines in a warehouse.

As the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the U.S., especially hitting New York City and surrounding areas hard, pest control took a back seat to cleaning, and suddenly Liberty’s sanitizing program did not seem so crazy.

With the blueprint for a sanitization service already in place, Liberty Pest Control decided to offer this service pro bono to all existing clients (about 4,400 accounts). For the last three weeks, Liberty Pest Control service professionals have been performing sanitization services in any accounts it can access. Temperino said his team has been doing about 25 services per week, with hopes of adding more and more each week. 

“With businesses being closed, we can get there in the morning and do the sanitizing work, and then in the afternoon we’ll go back and do pest control,” Temperino said.

With the very real possibility that states may begin making it mandatory that business have some type of cleaning/disinfecting service, Temperino said Liberty feels good about being able to take one worry off his clients’ plates. “A lot of people are hurting and don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so this is just one way to give back in these crazy times we are in now.”

In addition to existing accounts, Liberty has been providing pro bono cleaning services to other charitable organizations in its South Brooklyn community (e.g. food pantries) and in a Catholic churh where COVID-19 positive nuns and priests have been in quarantine. “We are seeing first-hand how COVID-19 is impacting our community, and we are doing what we can to help people restore that quality of life that we have all taken for granted,” Dallas said.

The sanitization program Liberty offers to existing customers is called Purity Solutions, which the company explains uses “proprietary binding technology formulated with organic compounds to create a non-migrating bio-static, mechanical fill disinfecting agent. Once deployed, the Purity Solution creates a layer of nano-spikes that instantly pierce the membranes of viruses, bacteria, germs and microbes, destroying them. The compound is effective for bacteria, human viruses, animal viruses and fungi.”

Temperino also said Liberty has rolled out a separate cleaning/sanitizing division for new customers. This division, which Liberty has branded Germ Doctor, is currently being advertised on Manhattan billboards.

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