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The PestPartners 365 loyalty program helps build PMPs’ businesses by delivering yearlong savings on all products—a financial benefit that makes a measurable bottom-line impact.

The PestPartners 365 Program from Syngenta delivers yearlong savings on all of the company’s products.
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Savings on products give Swat Pest Management, a 2019 Pest Control Technology Top 100 company in Evansville, Indiana, the additional financial resources to invest in vehicles, rigs and equipment—rebate dollars that go to work directly for the business. “We can put more back into our company,” says Shaun Waters, service manager.

Swat Pest Management participates in the PestPartnersSM 365 Program from Syngenta, the industry’s first loyalty program of its kind when it launched in 2015, and now the longest running. The mission of PestPartners 365 is simple: to provide pest management professionals (PMPs) with a portfolio of yearlong savings.

Kristen Oakley, Communications Manager, Syngenta PPM
Photo courtesy of Syngenta

Yearlong rebates for purchasing any product is one aspect of the program that differentiates it from others in the market. So is agency pricing and SummerPayTM terms on select products, a feature that allows PMPs to buy Syngenta products October through April and pay in June. “That helps PMPs manage their businesses because they can see some natural movement in product and cash flow first,” explains Marshall Gaster, market manager for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta, North America.

PMPs can plan and purchase products during the Oct. 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020 time period so they will be ready when their busy season ramps up.

“We think of PestPartners 365 as so much more than a loyalty program,” says Kristen Oakley, communications manager for PPM at Syngenta, North America. “It’s about helping PMPs plan their year without the worry of chasing down discounts on products. They always know they are getting quality products at a great value year-round, so they can focus on providing customers with quality pest services for a life uninterrupted by pests.”

Yearlong Rewards

Enrolling in the PestPartners 365 Program is as simple as purchasing the minimum $200 in base rebates on any Syngenta products from an authorized distributor. “We don’t have to stress—our Syngenta representative takes the paperwork completely out of our hands,” Waters says.

For Waters, the ability to ask questions and sit down with a representative who can guide him through the program and opportunities is a huge advantage. “Every single product Syngenta offers has a base rebate, and our distributor sits down and helps us figure out what is best for our company, and we go from there,” he says. “I can leverage the best rebates that are the most advantageous to our bottom line.”

Waters likes that his company can avoid the time-consuming process of tracking coupons to access savings.

“The rebates come to you without you having to track every purchase,” Waters says. As long as he’s making purchases through the authorized distributor he depends on, they take care of the rest. “It takes the process completely out of our hands,” he says, noting what a relief this is, particularly during the busy season.

More Benefits

The program continues to evolve to meet PMPs’ needs. During the last five years, Syngenta has invested in refining PestPartners 365 to create an optimal experience for its members.

“Since this is the longest-running loyalty program of its kind in the industry, we’ve had a chance to mold it and make it a program that really fits PMPs’ needs so they get the best products, savings and planning tools to help with their businesses,” Oakley says.

For example, Syngenta offers an online calculator so PMPs can plug in sample orders and determine potential rewards. “The calculator does all the math so PMPs can find out what their rebate total would be for different orders,” Gaster explains.

PestPartners 365 provides easy product grouping sheets so PMPs can review sample orders that might work for their businesses. “If you are looking for perimeter spray products, there is a sample order for that—or if you are looking to manage ants or cockroaches, there are sample orders that get PMPs to the $200 base rebate,” Gaster says.

Because of all these benefits, Gaster shares that PestPartners 365 experienced record growth in enrollment last year and is on pace to include even more PMPs who can benefit from yearlong savings. “We have received great feedback from our channel partners and PMPs,” he says.

Best for Business

There is no limitation on which products qualify, so PMPs can buy what’s best for their operations.

“Everything from baits to insecticide sprays—we offer products that all PMPs can use in the field to treat the full gamut of pests, and we are one of the few, if not the only manufacturer with a loyalty program that offers savings on every product,” Oakley says.

Ultimately, PestPartners 365 is a business solution that helps PMPs reduce costs and helps increase potential profits, while alleviating the stress of product purchasing during their busiest times. Because of benefits like SummerPay terms and yearlong rebates, PMPs can focus on customers’ needs without missing out on valuable rebates that help deliver bottom-line benefits to their businesses.

To learn more about the program, visit PestPartners365.com.


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