Could Mice Be Key to Kids' Asthma Attacks at School?

Could Mice Be Key to Kids' Asthma Attacks at School?

New study suggests, but doesn’t prove, that rodent allergens may play a role.

December 6, 2016

A new study examines how children’s asthma symptoms can be triggered by exposure to rodent allergens at school, WebMd reported

Allergens from the rodents can infiltrate the air, the study found, and may be a major cause of asthma attacks in the school environment.

It's known that many different allergy triggers — from dust mites to mold to pet dander — can fuel children's asthma symptoms. But most research has focused on the triggers in kids' homes.

"In this study, we've identified the school as an important factor, too," said researcher Dr. Wanda Phipatanakul, an allergy specialist at Boston Children's Hospital, told WebMD.

That said, she stressed, the findings do not actually prove that schools' rodent problems were the cause of kids' symptoms. The next step, Phipatanakul said, is a study where schools will get air purifiers and "integrated pest management," to see if that improves students' respiratory health.

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Source: WebMD