Company Introduces Microfiber Bed Bug Trap

Company Introduces Microfiber Bed Bug Trap

Fibertrap uses microfiber trapping technology to attack bed bugs’ physical traits.

HOLBROOK, N.Y. - Fibertrap, a micro-technology company headquartered in Holbrook, N.Y., has introduced a new bed bug trap. Fibertrap uses microfiber trapping technology to attack bed bugs’ physical traits and prevent the insect from evolving away the weakness the trap exploits.The device measures 3 inches by 2½ inches by ¾ inch and employs specific lures, appealing to three of the five senses and inviting bed bugs to march into their microfiber traps. As bed bugs’ legs come in contact with the cloud of microfiber, specifically tailored loop structures entangle their legs, making them struggle and die of exhaustion, according to the manufacturer. Each of the five traps has an adhesive backing, making it possible to catch bed bugs in favored hiding places.

The product has been in development for seven years and was the brainchild of the late Glen Nelson, CEO and founder of the Matrix Realty Group, after a recurring bed bug issue plagued a New Jersey apartment building. Nelson and his team conceived of the product and then leveraged experts in the fields of materials science and entomology to craft their product and perfect the microtechnology. Using electro-spinning technology, the fibers were created according to Fibertrap specifications and after many tests, proved effective in trapping the insect, the company reports. 

Dr. Shan ‘Harry’ He, vice president and chief scientist at Fibertrap, explained, “We specifically designed the mechanical strength of the fiber network such that it can entangle the bed bug legs without breaking or flowing. Without the ability to move, they struggle and eventually die of exhaustion.”

In addition, the product is made almost entirely of recyclable materials and contains no harmful chemicals, making it safe for use around children and pets, according to the manufacturer.

Learn more about the product at or call 800/516-0713.