New Normal, New Opportunities

Sponsored Content - 2021 State of the Ant Control Market, Sponsored by Syngenta

April 5, 2021

Pest control companies that focused primarily on hospitality and restaurant services saw a steep slowdown in March 2020. But the good news is many pest management firms were diversified and just experienced some losses. Fortunately, all business is coming back strong.

“Last year in March, I lost about 25 percent of my business,” says Bobbie Terry, owner, The Bug Lady, Austin, Texas. “But since then, I got 20 percent of that work back, and it has been an uphill climb ever since — and I’m still climbing.”

Regarding ant opportunity, Carmen Reino says he sees more opportunity with an increase in carpenter ant infestations. “It’s because of the milder winters, I assume,” says the owner of Anchor Pest Control in Brunswick, N.J.

Derek Salazar says his business, FullScope Pest Control in Kingwood, Texas, “has not slowed down — it’s crazy. I don’t see the difference on the business side with the pandemic, and we are taking all of the necessary precautions.”