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April 19, 2022

J.F. Oakes

J. F. Oakes announced that its Pro-Pest Roach & Crawling Insect Trap has a new look. The trap now has a light woodgrain finish to better blend in with various décors/environments. The trap has no visible print on one side for discreet insect capture. The new Pro-Pest Roach & Crawling Insect Trap is pre-baited with an aromatic food attractant and is ready to use. The trap is specifically designed for forced monitoring and initial clean out of cockroaches and other crawling insects.



Xcluder Geo is a patented geotextile that installs under landscaping to create a permanent barrier against destructive burrowing pests. Pest burrows destroy expensive landscaping, can lead to extensive damage to underground root systems, cables, sprinkler lines and building foundations and enable burrowing Norway rats to access nearby buildings in search of food and water. Xcluder Geo utilizes coarse stainless steel fibers bound to a porous geotextile to create an invisible force against these burrowing pests without the use of chemicals. It prevents rats and other pests from digging beneath the ground while allowing grass and other plants to grow unhindered. Xcluder’s major installations include school district facilities, landfills, public parks, college campuses, food production facilities, and urban retail parking lots, where rats are prevalent.


GreenTech Heat

GreenTech has engineered its Titan direct-fired heaters with its Titan Thermostat System, creating a true thermostatically-controlled portable direct-fired propane insect heater. GreenTech reports that unlike competitive systems that shut off the flow of propane at a predetermined temperature and require operator intervention to resume heating, the GreenTech Heat Titan Thermostat System maintains the jobsite temperature both by turning off the fuel flow when the jobsite achieves maximum temperatures and restarting the Titan heater when probe temperature decreases by 10°F. For many years, GreenTech Heat Solutions has shipped the Titan 450 and Titan 800 with integrated thermometers that show the temperature of the treatment air exiting the heater barrel so the heat technician can manually adjust the REGO valve and control the propane flow and heat. The Titan Thermostat System is a truly automatic heater control that switches off the Titan heater when a specific temperature is achieved within the treatment area. The Titan Thermostat System can be retrofitted and integrated onto any current Titan heater, according to GreenTech. Effective immediately, new Titan 450 and Titan 800 heaters now come standard with the Titan Thermostat System.