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August 5, 2020


PestWest recently introduced flyDetect, a 24/7 fly control remote monitoring system. The fly trap has a built-in wide-angle camera, which takes a high-resolution image of the entire sticky board daily or on demand.

Using the latest data capture and analysis technology, the flyDetect system alerts the pest control professional either via the dedicated flyDetect mobile app or the web-based app when a fly capture threshold is reached. Capture thresholds can be tailored to the sensitivity of the situation in which the flyDetect is being used. The alerts are based on a traffic light system of green, amber and red.

flyDetect images also can be reviewed in high resolution, allowing the pest control professional to make informed and proactive decisions in real-time when a threshold alert has been triggered.

Fred Hurstel, sales director for PestWest, said, “We are very excited to be launching flyDetect. It has been years in the making and the first of its kind in the pest control industry. Many industries that have highly sensitive areas such as food, packaging, health care and pharmaceutical industries will be amazed with the new technology.”


Pest Control Insulation

Pest Control Insulation offers KaiBosh Disinfectant. KaiBosh is a concentrated, no-rinse, disinfectant cleaner that disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one step, the company says. Its phosphate-free formulation effectively cleans, deodorizes and disinfects areas of importance in controlling cross-contamination. It is a chemically balanced non-acid disinfectant/sanitizer that rinses freely, leaving behind no grit or soap scum. KaiBosh can be used to disinfect a home’s attic after removing soiled insulation damaged by the presence of pests and prior to installing a fresh layer of EPA-registered TAP Pest Control Insulation. Offering attic restoration services featuring TAP Pest Control Insulation has been a successful business line for pest control companies across the nation for years, PCI reports. “We have never had a product we felt comfortable offering until now,” shares Jay Mancin, COO of Pest Control Insulation, “KaiBosh delivers the level of disinfection our providers and their customers have demanded.”



ConidioTec, the manufacturer of Aprehend bio-pesticide for bed bugs, announced the product has received the PMRA Registration Certificate that allows Aprehend to be sold and used in the Canadian market. “After almost three years of successful use by PMPs in the U.S. market, we’re excited to now provide the latest in bed bug fighting technology to the PMPs in Canada that have been desperate for a new solution to this growing problem,” company representatives said. With more than 100,000 bed bug treatments completed, Aprehend has become an important tool for PMPs as a standalone treatment or as part of an integrated approach including post-heat treatment, ConidioTec adds. In addition, its up-to-three-month residual allows for use as a proactive treatment.

Aprehend is available through distribution channels only. Representatives include:

  • Ocean Blue Distributors
  • Direct Line Sales/Target Specialty Products Canada
  • Veseris



Coxreels recently launched a Shipping Program called “Coxreels Ship Ready.” With more than 80 SKUs included, Coxreels’ Ship Ready Program ships all confirmed orders the next business day after an order is placed. If items can be shipped same day, they will be. The maximum that can be ordered on a purchase order is 10 per SKU per order.



WorkWave Agency’s new Lead Accelerator Program is a comprehensive marketing program designed to generate more leads, win new customers, and grow revenue for small and midsize service businesses, the company says. WorkWave says its Lead Accelerator Program is designed to provide companies with a strategic marketing partner to design and execute seasonal marketing plans that generate more sales and win more customers. The program is focused on four components: tailored seasonal marketing campaigns, mobile-responsive websites, Google search optimization and suite of products, and WorkWave integration.

“Our customers know they must be good at online marketing to grow and survive, but for many, they don’t understand the complexities of how to compete online,” said David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave. “The Lead Accelerator Program helps them address these challenges by creating a plan and a digital presence that delivers real leads, helps them get new customers, and allows them to leverage WorkWave’s marketing software to show tangible, meaningful results. This is what we are committed to doing: giving our customers the tools they need to generate revenue, increase their profitability, and dominate their local markets.”