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December 22, 2015

Bell Laboratories

Bell Laboratories launched a new 1-pound City Pack for Contrac and Final Blox at NPMA PestWorld in October, making the bait Blox now available in lightweight packaging for easy transportation.

Designed with technicians in mind, Contrac and Final City Packs use the same reliable and effective rodenticide formulations, the company said, but in an easy-to-carry 1-pound pouch. The smaller pack size is useful to control inventory in the field and has a zip-lock closure to keep bait fresh.

Contrac bromadiolone formula is known for outstanding rodent acceptance and control, Bell said, adding that Final All-Weather Blox contain the active ingredient, brodifacoum, the strongest single-feeding anticoagulant on the market today.

Contrac and Final City Packs are approved for use on commensal rodents as well as meadow voles and seven other species (certain restrictions may apply). Contrac City Packs also are approved for use on Peromyscus (deer mouse, cotton mouse and white-footed mouse).


At NPMA PestWorld in October, ServicePro launched its newest product: ServSensor. ServSensor is a sensor-based monitoring device and software solution that keeps an eye on activity in bait stations, traps and, ultimately, customer locations, sending notice of all occurring wildlife and rodent activity to pest management professionals.

The initial release was based on both motion and thermal technology to ensure accuracy. It also was built on an open architecture to potentially use other types of sensors or devices in the future. ServSensor interfaces with ServSuite as a module for monitoring and reporting, and it interfaces with mobile devices to provide a text or email message when activity occurs.

J. F. Oakes

The 2015-16 Pheromones and Lures Catalog is now available from J. F. Oakes. The catalog contains solutions for stored product insects and other pests. The easy-to-use catalog will help pest management professionals find the correct trap, monitor and/or lure for each particular need, the company said. It also includes updated product information, suggested product uses and placement — all at your fingertips.


Nightclubs, bars, restaurants, produce distributors and other pest control company customers know that fruit flies are difficult to control. But pest management professionals often have to convince clients that conventional fly traps, “bug zappers” and similar devices are only partially effective against fruit flies because this pest responds to different UVA intensity and chemical attractants than other flying insects, Paraclipse said.

Paraclipse’s new Fruit Fly Patrol combines a UVA light designed for fruit fly intensity preference along with insect decoys and chemical attractants specifically chosen to attract and capture fruit flies — while its enclosure is stylish enough for use in restaurants, nightclubs and other public spaces, the company said. Fruit Fly Patrol uses the proprietary Paraclipse Capture Cartridge, which lasts longer and is clean and easy to replace, the firm says. The product is certified for use in food-service areas and is both UL listed and CE compliant. Fruit Fly Patrol may be ordered from Paraclipse distributors in the United States; it will be available internationally in the near future.

A.R.E. Accessories

A.R.E. Accessories, known for an extensive line of fiberglass truck caps and tonneau covers, offers the new HD Series truck cap, a heavy-duty, functional design available for all current model trucks.

The centerpiece of the rugged and reliable HD Series, A.R.E. says, is an interior aluminum support framework that reinforces the sturdy fiberglass cap construction by routing all roof rack and toolbox weight to the bedrail of the pickup truck, which nearly triples load capacities, allowing a 550-pound capacity on the HD Series roof rack and 200 pounds in each toolbox. Optional heavy-duty side doors open easily to provide access to two steel toolbox inserts. For added privacy and security, the side and rear doors can be upgraded with aluminum inserts with foldable t-handles featuring BOLT one-key lock technology.

Gopher X

The Gopher X extermination device uses a non-toxic, patent-pending smoke oil blend that is delivered directly into a rodent’s burrow, killing the pest in less than three minutes.

The patented product asphyxiates rodents in their burrows, where they are left to decompose naturally with no smell or any extra work.

Gopher X kills gophers, ground squirrels, moles and other burrowing rodents without traps, chemicals or explosions, and it is safe to use around pets and children, the company said. It can be used by pest control professionals, landscapers, golf courses, municipalities and in-house pest control personnel. It is legal for use in California when California Department of Pesticide Regulations ENF 12-19 are followed, the company said.


OvoControl P, “birth control” for birds, has been approved by the Department of Agriculture for use in Puerto Rico. OvoControl P is approved under a Special Local Needs (24(c)) registration in this unique ecological habitat.

OvoControl interferes with egg hatchability, causing the population of birds to decline through attrition. With proper use, pigeon populations typically decline by approximately 50 percent annually, the firm says.

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait, dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic wildlife feeder. This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing pigeon flocks in larger areas without having to use avicides, the manufacturer says.

Pest Boss

Pest Boss is a web-based software for the pest management industry that focuses on four main areas: pest inspection audit recording, pest monitoring inspection management, pesticide management and a Pest Boss client secure portal. Currently, Pest Boss is being used in Israel, but the software also is being positioned to be introduced into additional markets, the firm says.

Alpha Aromatics

Alpha Aromatics, a U.S. fragrance manufacturer, has introduced new spring and summer 2016 scents for industry applications. Alpha Aromatics studies scent trends and then creates fragrance compositions for a myriad of products, including air freshener services, which many pest management professionals install and service. New natural and organic fragrances for spring/summer include:

  • Black Bamboo Pikake
  • Burnt Vanilla & Amber
  • Pepperberry Waterlily
  • Wild Sage Cassis
  • Green Hibiscus & Peach

HomeWood Solutions for Rhino Hide

Rhino Hide’s UltraBan-PRO forms an invisible shield upon which mold and mildew will not grow, the company says. When blended with a liquid borate, it can be used to enhance borate retention by as much as 30 percent and increase prolonged protection against wood-boring insects, the firm said, adding that UltraBan-PRO has been lab tested and field proven.