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December 12, 2018


Bird-B-Gone is developing new Virtual Reality (VR) courses for its Bird-B-Gone University. This training tool helps educate PMPs more effectively by placing them in engaging, real-world, 360-degree environments. The company says the result is better customer quotes and a better bottom line. Bird-B-Gone says the benefits include: Complements classroom and onsite training curriculum; learner develops and demonstrates skills to sell bird control; learner retains more information; provides more people immediate access to training resources; and does not require anything other than a smart device or computer.

Insects Limited

Insects Limited says insect monitoring just got easier. The company’s SightTrap uses a 5-mega pixel color camera along with multi-species pheromone lures to attract more than 20 species of stored product insects. The new SightTrap is a remote pheromone monitoring device that will automatically record daily images of pheromone traps while identifying pest insects through Insect Limited’s custom software called ForesightIPM. This custom software will access real-time information on PMPs’ computers and smartphones. It features customer-friendly trending reports, Insects Limited says. This means reducing customer complaints in less drive time and with fewer steps anywhere in the world. Insects Limited says this easy-to-use remote pheromone trapping program comes with personalized training.


Syngenta has introduced its new mobile app, the Syngenta Pest App. The app, which is free for Apple devices, can be used by PMPs, even if they’re on the road without an internet connection. The app will be available for Android devices before the end of 2018.

The app contains a wealth of pest control information for pest management professionals on the go, who can do the following:

  • Access details about Syngenta products, including labels and safety data sheets.
  • Read information about the PestPartners 365 yearlong rebate program and SecureChoice assurance programs.
  • Use a mixing calculator to help ensure the right amount of product for tank-mixing.
  • Watch a variety of educational videos.
  • Access contact information for local Syngenta territory managers and distributors.

“A PMP often needs access to a variety of reference materials when they’re servicing someone’s property,” said Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta in North America. “With the Syngenta Pest App, we’re aiming to give PMPs knowledge at their fingertips, so they can get what they need when they need it most.”

After downloading the app, PMPs can access it by creating a free account, or by logging in with their existing account. After the app syncs for the first time on an internet connection, it will load the synced information on subsequent sessions, even if internet access is not available. To download the Syngenta Pest App, visit the Apple App Store or text PESTAPP to 20103.


ServicePro’s Intelligent Routing is a module that allows pest control companies to schedule the most efficient and economic routes when organizing their technicians’ day. A pest control professional can schedule and reschedule by dragging and dropping, or choose the criteria by which they want to optimize a workweek. For example, they can be given the choice between preferred routes and date ranges, taking into consideration technician shifts, lunch hours, work days, holidays, etc. ServicePro is also offering ServSensor, a 24/7 remote monitoring solution. Easy to install with any type of rodent and wildlife traps, ServSensor can be set up to send notifications by SMS or email when relevant activity occurs at a service location. With ServSuite, ServSensor can be used to generate reports that will help prevent future infestations.