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February 15, 2018

J.F. Oakes

J.F. Oakes recently announced its new Pro-Pest UV LED Flashlight, which is rechargeable, more powerful and features a new lower price. The firm says the Pro-Pest UV LED Flashlight is a 3-watt, high-power UV flashlight with a 3-volt battery and on/off switch. LEDs are energy saving and contain no filament to burn out or break. The Pro-Pest UV LED Flashlight can be used to fluoresce rodent urine and to locate rodent habitats. The Pro-Pest UV LED Flashlight comes individually boxed with an AC adapter and a holster.


Convectex’s heaters are designed to eradicate bed bugs in hotels, apartments and single-family homes. The company’s equipment does not require a generator to power it, nor does it need a special vehicle or trailer to transport. Convectex’s heaters allow pest control professionals to perform isolated heat treatments as well as full structure treatments.

The firm also owns and operates the North American Bed Bug Training Center, where PMPs from the United States and Canada are taught to effectively use heat to eradicate bed bugs. Classes are held monthly.


Aprilaire’s new Model 1820 Crawlspace Dehumidifier helps protect against structural damage to the home from mold, pests and rot caused by excess humidity. With a moisture removal capacity of 70 pints per day, a streamline design and a weight of just 56 pounds, it’s an ideal solution for humidity management following pest remediation, the firm says.

In addition to dehumidification, the 1820 also can be programmed to circulate air in the crawlspace, evening out temperature and humidity levels. Energy efficient, effective and easy to install, the Model 1820 is a dehumidifier designed specifically for pest management professionals and the challenging conditions they work in, Aprilaire says.


The Ontario Pesticides Advisory Committee (“OPAC”) announced the official scheduling of OvoControl P. In addition to the federal registration by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (“PMRA”) in Health Canada, Ontario requires an additional regulatory process called “Scheduling” prior to any sale in the province. OvoControl P is now approved under the PMRA Registration #32670 and Class 4 in Ontario and available through distributors. OvoControl P is a ready-to-use bait, dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic wildlife feeder. This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing pigeon flocks in larger areas without having to use avicides or trapping programs, the firm says.

Perspexi Labs

Perspexi Labs created Outreach to make it easy for PMPs to gather real-time feedback from customers. Using automated text message conversations, Perspexi Labs says it helps get positive reviews from the happiest customers, and get in touch with the angry ones to turn their experience around.

Outreach automatically sends texts after customer interactions. The customer responds via simple text messages and Outreach collects and analyzes the results. Real-time dashboards show the PMP feedback as it arrives and scores are instantly updated and available. The firm says customers are 7.5 times more likely to respond to a text than an email. When sent within a few hours of your service, response rates of transactional texts average 45 percent, much higher than both email and phone, the company says, and are more convenient and less intrusive for customers.


ReachOut Suite is a field service solution that improves operational efficiency by eliminating paperwork and streamlining processes with mobile-based forms and workflow, manufacturer Fingent says. The company says if your company is using paper forms or spreadsheets, switching to ReachOut can lower costs up to 25 percent. In addition, ReachOut will help PMPs maximize the productivity of their team and increase the billable hours of field service personnel by more than 5 percent.

With GPS-integrated scheduling of incidences, work orders, audits and inspections, PMPs will have full visibility of resource utilization and service delivery effectiveness. Users will be much better able to organize, schedule, track, execute and analyze field services, which will eliminate the need for-large “service windows,” the company says. ReachOut also is particularly well suited for service situations involving sophisticated data collection or checklist-driven procedures, the firm adds.

Field personnel can run ReachOut on their own tablets or smartphones. Once they download their assignment, they don’t have to be online to collect information, add photos, collect signatures or refer to service documents while onsite.

Inert Gas Injection (IGI)

In January, EPA approved IGI Pesticidal CO2 for the fumigation of burrowing rodents and other pests. The product is to be used as a pesticide, used in conjunction with IGI Delivery Systems, for the control and abatement of burrowing rodents and other pests that plague commodities, goods, crop production, and processing and handling.

IFI says the delivery of CO2 is safe, has no negative effect on the environment and has no residual effects. The company adds it is safe to use around children, pets, livestock and is a valuable solution to control damaging pests, particularly burrowing rodents.

The IGI CO2 pesticide, combined with one of the IGI delivery systems, presents a complete solution for pest abatement and management, the firm says. IGI’s delivery systems include the Eliminator and Eliminator II, used mainly for burrowing rodent control. They also can be used in certain fumigation situations. Eliminator products deliver the CO2 into the soil, displacing oxygen, thereby suffocating and killing the pests. Another benefit of CO2 is that when injected into the soil, it also can act as a fertilizer for plant root systems. IGI Fumigations System(s) are ideal for large and small fumigation projects for all commodities that require fumigation for shipping or storage, the company says.