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January 13, 2022


Liphatech announced its purchase of all of the assets of Inert Gas Injection (IGI). IGI assets include its U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-labeled carbon dioxide (CO2) along with the Eliminator Application Probe that together form a rodent control system for pest management professionals without the risk of secondary poisoning, the firm says.

The IGI Carbon Dioxide (IGI CO2) system, which must be used only with the Eliminator, is specially designed to kill burrowing rodents such as rats, ground squirrels and pocket gophers where they live. IGI CO2 powered by Liphatech provides PMPs and rodent control professionals with an EPA-registered alternative pesticide for controlling burrowing rodents, particularly where secondary exposure is possible. IGI CO2 also is approved for commodity fumigation of silos, storages, trucks, trailers, sealed railroad cars and cargo ships and also can be used in organic fumigations.

“Liphatech’s acquisition of IGI, LLC, IGI CO2 and the Eliminator allows us to continue to offer cutting-edge solutions to PMPs that are different from other rodent control alternatives,” said Manny Martinez, CEO of Liphatech.

A major advantage of IGI CO2 powered by Liphatech is that when it’s applied in confined spaces in accordance with the label instructions, such as in rodent burrows, it poses no danger to rodent predators that might consume the dead rodents later, Liphatech says.

IGI CO2 is colorless, odorless and tasteless, and since it’s heavier than air, it quickly forces oxygen out of rodent burrows, asphyxiating occupants of a burrow, Liphatech adds.

IGI CO2 powered by Liphatech is not yet registered or available in all 50 states.



FieldRoutes, a cloud-based and mobile SaaS provider for field service businesses, demonstrated the latest advancements to its end-to-end software solution at PestWorld 2021. Enhancements and new features added include invoicing and FieldRoutes Payments, routing, reporting, QuickBooks Online integration, marketing solutions and lawn care. The company also enabled early access to a new Affiliate Network at the show.

“We take our customers’ feedback and requests seriously. Our software’s new capabilities, integrations and enhancements to existing features are a direct result of our laser focus on our customers’ ability to simplify, scale and grow their business,” said William Chaney, chief executive officer of FieldRoutes. “We’ve also invested in the software’s infrastructure. In 2020, we built an internal infrastructure team and migrated our software to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which ensures our customers are operating on the most reliable software.

“Over the last year, we’ve worked hard to advance our industry-leading software. Our investment in new capabilities and enhancements, additions of top-notch talent and the unification of PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing to become FieldRoutes is evidence of our customers’ success,” continued Chaney. “We take pride in being customer-obsessed, and that means we deliver best-in-class technology and dedicated customer support. We’ve grown because our customers are growing and exceeding their goals.”


Evolve YT Evolve YT has created a free eBook titled “How to Separate Contenders from Pretenders in Your Business.”

The eBook features information on why it is important to invest in your leaders, who leadership training is designed for, what happens when you invest in the right people, how to determine the right leaders without wasting time or money on the wrong people, and more.

“We created this eBook to provide companies with the information they need in order to avoid costly mistakes that can turn a good company that’s headed for success into one doomed for failure,” Evolve YT Chief Transformation Officer Phil Cooper said. “Middle management is often overlooked when it comes to training, but in fact can have the greatest impact on your business’ future success.”

Cooper explained that unlike traditional leadership training that is geared for executive teams, Evolve YT focuses on current and emerging middle management leaders.

“Your front-line supervisors and managers have a bigger impact on your bottom line, employee retention and team morale than you think,” he said. “By investing in these leaders and their future, you’re setting your business up for true success.”

Cooper previously owned a pest control company, Cooper Pest Solutions. “We’ve lived and experienced first-hand the problems an ineffective manager can have on a company, which is why we created our Supervisor Development courses,” he said.



Innolytics, together with Rizobacter Ecuatoriana C. Ltda., has received regulatory approval for OvoControl P in Ecuador. OvoControl P is a ready-to-use bait dispensed on flat rooftops with a mechanical feeder.

The humane technology is useful for managing pigeon flocks in larger facilities without having to resort to avicides or labor-intensive trapping programs, Innolytics reports. Rizobacter coordinated the application with Ecuadorian regulatory officials and will distribute OvoControl P in the market.

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