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July 16, 2019

FMC Professional Solutions

FMC Professional Solutions in June launched Scion insecticide with UVX technology. Scion insecticide is immediately available to pest management professionals in 1.33-fluid ounce and 32-fluid ounce containers.

With Scion insecticide, FMC Professional Solutions said it is providing a new high-performance, value-creating solution. “We are excited to introduce this innovative technology to our customers and to the pest management industry as a whole,” said Sam Pass, FMC pest control market manager. “With UVX technology’s multiple component formulation, Scion insecticide sets a new performance standard for perimeter pest control.”

FMC says Scion insecticide is designed to deliver continuous residual control of pests under the harshest environmental conditions. Scion insecticide is an ideal solution for PMPs looking to provide their customers with control of pests over long service intervals, the manufacturer adds.

Scion insecticide with UVX technology is engineered to provide general insect control for PMPs who face the harshest conditions, toughest pests and the longest service intervals, FMC says. Scion insecticide features a broad, flexible label for use in and around residential and commercial structures, including applications to ornamental plants and lawns. Scion insecticide will be included in the recently launched FMC True Champions end-user loyalty program.


Seaira Global

Seaira Global has added two new dehumidifiers to the firm’s WatchDog NXT Series. The new models, which are available now, include the WatchDog NXT120 and the WatchDog NXT120c. The NXT120 and NXT120c are capable of 120 pints per day (80°F, 60 percent), and can handle spaces up to 21,000 cubic feet, the firm says. The dehumidifiers can be ducted on both the inlet and outlet, making them ideal for a variety of applications including whole house, crawlspace or basement, the manufacturer adds. Both units are 16 inches tall. The major difference between the two models is the WatchDog NXT120 utilizes a gravity drain, while the NXT120c features a built-in condensate pump. The heavy-duty pump provides up to 20 feet of lift for the drain tube and is perfect for spaces where a gravity drain is not practical.



Xcluder is expanding its line of rodent-proof products with the launch of new Dock Door Vertical Side Seals, patented Pull Chain Seals and Dock Leveler Seals with new Slide-’n-Seal technology. The firm says its suite of products is designed to safeguard every potential rodent entry point surrounding a loading dock — an area that, left unprotected, provides a popular thoroughfare for rodents and other pests. The Slide-’n-Seal technology allows for easy installation and replacement of existing brush seals, the company says.

Xcluder Dock Door Vertical Side Seals protect the small vertical gap on either side of a loading dock door. They feature a durable rubber gasket lined with Xcluder Rodent Proof Fill Fabric — a patented combination of stainless steel and polyfiber that is impenetrable to rats and mice, the company says. The rubber gasket creates an energy-saving weatherseal and the fill fabric is the only exclusion product on the market proven effective against rodents by the USDA APHIS Lab, the manufacturer reports. Xcluder’s new Slide-’n-Seal technology means the seals fit most standard brush retainers for easy installation — simply slide out the old brush seal and slide in the new Xcluder seal. Should the Xcluder Vertical Side Seal become damaged from a forklift or other equipment use, it slides out easily for replacement.

Xcluder Pull Chain Seals for Dock Levelers protect the often-overlooked opening surrounding the pull chain on a dock leveler. This small opening provides an ideal entry point for rats and mice because the chain creates a natural ladder for them to climb and the opening is spacious enough for them to crawl through. Xcluder Pull Chain Seals are easy to install, feature solid cast aluminum construction and completely cover the chain opening, the company says. Within minutes, this hidden rodent entry point is dependably safeguarded. Available in three diameter sizes to ensure a proper fit, Xcluder Pull Chain Seals sit completely below the dock plate surface and will not interfere with dock and equipment use.

Xcluder Pest Control Dock Leveler Seals feature durable rubber gaskets and Xcluder fill fabric to create an impenetrable barrier against rodents and pests, unlike brush seals that dent and deform over time creating gaps that rodents can exploit. New Slide-’n-Seal technology means Xcluder Dock Leveler Seals fit most standard brush seal retainers.

For complete loading dock protection, it is recommended that the suite of products be used in tandem to avoid any vulnerable access points. Xcluder is made in America and is safe to use around people, animals and plants and contains no chemicals, the company reports.


Podium Podium announced the addition of Teamchat to its existing suite of interaction management tools. The company says this new communication solution will help local businesses centralize company interactions and allow employees to conveniently collaborate internally within the same platform used to interact with customers and vendors.

With Teamchat, internal teams can exchange direct messages and group messages, include clickable links, send and receive attachments, and use mentions to help simplify and streamline internal communications. The solution centralizes interactions between team members, as well as between the company and customers.

By centralizing interactions, employees can collaborate and drive leads into customers, Podium says. Having conversations and sending information in context leads to better service for customers than simply sending memos, and convenient communication can help employees feel more engaged in work and improve camaraderie among coworkers. And unlike some other communication platforms, Teamchat has been specifically designed for local businesses.


GreenTech Heat

GreenTech Heat has published three new books on the use of convected heat for pest control. These books provide an overview of the history of heat in the pest control industry as well as keen insights into applying the technology that has been developed and perfected over the past 30 years, the company says.

“Hot House: A Selective History of Convected Heat in the Pest Control and Remediation Industries” provides an introduction to the development of the thermal pest control industry from its beginnings in academia through its modern applications. The book describes the use of heat to kill structural wood-destroying pests, stored food infestations, and household pests including cockroaches and bed bugs.

“Termite and Other Wood-Destroying Organisms Heat Treatment Field Guide” details specific heat treatment techniques for killing termites and other wood-destroying pests with convected heat. The termite field guide is a resource for those interested in the process of conducting successful heat treatments for termites and other wood-destroying insects including powder post beetles and provides instruction for treatments ranging in size from spot isolation treatments to whole-house treatments to multi-unit and commercial structure treatments.

The third book is an expanded edition of the “Bed Bug and General Pest Heat Treatment Field Guide.” This newly revised and expanded book provides detailed training for thermal general pest control including bed bugs and cockroaches. In combination with a classroom and hands-on program, the state of California has approved this Field Guide for up to eight continuing education credits.