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July 5, 2022


J.F. Oakes

J.F. Oakes announced the release of VA88 Residulen with Leave Behind Kill, a 25(b) insecticide with a two-phase formula. It kills bed bugs on contact and provides six-month residual protection, according to the supplier.

VA88 Residulen is non-repellent and will not flush out roaches. The ready-to-use product requires no mixing, is odorless and has no resistance issues, according to J.F. Oakes. It also kills other crawling insects, such as ants, carpet beetles, fleas, roaches and silverfish, the company said.




Coxreels introduced the Extreme Duty XTM Series spring rewind reel, which features stainless steel rollers, dual sintered bronze bearings, multiple axle supports and welded box frames.

Based on the TMP T-Series Medium Pressure product line, the XTM includes features designed for extra-rugged environments, Coxreels said. Stainless steel rollers are directly integrated into the welded steel box frame and utilize dual permanently lubricated bearings, which fix the drum assembly to the 1-inch steel axle for stability while maintaining an external fluid path, according to the company. Swivel retainers prevent unwanted vibratory loosening of threaded components, and high-temperature steel core arbors transfer the spring motor torque to the multiple supported axle, said Coxreels. The reel is available in pressure ranges up to 5,000 PSI with hose solutions such as suction, DEF, gasoline or fuel.



SecuraTrac announced its next-generation mPERS mobile emergency pendant, the MobileDefender Model S (MD-S). The model introduces new capabilities designed to ensure the safety of those who use the MD-S and the SecuraTrac platform, the company said.

Companies that dispatch employees into unknown environments can use the MD-S to relay information about employee locations and provide them with a connection to help if an emergency occurs, according to the company. The MD-S offers a built-in fall advisory capability that should detect horizontal and vertical movement. If an employee falls on the job or is knocked over, the MD-S is supposed to trigger a call for help automatically.

The MD-S was designed with a new Wake-on SOS feature, which should allow the device to last more than 30 days on a single charge, the company said. The device remains off until the SOS button is activated. This enables the device to turn on, locate, transmit its location and make the emergency phone call.