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June 15, 2022


ServiceTitan, a cloud-based software platform, announced the launch of Titan Intelligence (TI), a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The company says these new features provide home and commercial service providers with actionable insights and recommendations, enabling them to optimize, automate, predict and innovate across each aspect of their businesses by harnessing the power of data.

Natively built into ServiceTitan, TI aims to deliver trade-specific AI capabilities across its suite of new data products and feature enhancements, with aggregated intelligence and insights, and educational content products on data and analytic literacy.

Several new ServiceTitan product updates and TI features were announced at the Pantheon ServiceTitan User Conference in April:

  • Smart Dispatch (Beta), ServiceTitan’s new dispatch tool, which uses machine learning to analyze job data and assist in assigning technicians for jobs based on factors such as geographical zones, skills, drive time and technician sales performance to help save time and maximize revenue.
  • Price Insights, a Pro feature, allowing contractors to see average prices in their region, enabling them to competitively price services based on local averages.
  • Marketing Pro Ads (Beta), enabling marketers to lower their cost per lead and maximize ROI. By leveraging Google Ads’ measurement tools and dynamic call tracking features, ServiceTitan customers can see the true impact of Google Ads budgets and optimize and automate the flow of key revenue, job and audience data back into Google.




The Coxreels V-100 Series product line has expanded with the new 1¼-inch vacuum hose reel V-112-735 without hose and the V-112H-735 with hose. The new model is a smaller frame size, featuring 12-inch diameter discs instead of the original 17-inch diameter discs, and is designed for use with 35 feet of 1¼-inch vacuum hose. The outlet connecting to the hose remains 1½ inches, and the 1¼-inch hose comes equipped with 1½-inch slip cuffs on both ends for maximum flow.

The swivel has been improved on the entire product line. The new design still allows for the connection of multiple hose sizes by using the inside and outside of the hosing, but a greater gradual taper increases the amount of compatible inlet hose cuffs.



Carpenter Bee Blocker

Carpenter bees are active from early spring through summer in and around wooden structures.

They bore ½-inch wide holes in structures such as decks, sheds, wood trim and fences. These holes lead to larger bee nests, where they lay their eggs and spend the winter.

The Carpenter Bee Blocker Pro system blocks access to bee holes using a stainless steel screen. The installation tool inserts the screen into a bee hole to block access to the carpenter bee nest.

The system also includes an adapter that enables the installation of the screens up to 30 feet high using an extension pole.



Fleetio, a fleet maintenance software, selected Fleetyr as a preferred development services provider for third-party software integrations.

Fleetyr uses Fleetio’s application programming interface (API) to integrate mutual customers’ existing software systems with Fleetio to allow for data sharing, visibility and automation. Through this partnership, organizations will have the ability to integrate Fleetio with third-party solutions not currently included in the Fleetio App Directory.

Fleetio currently offers over 35 out-of-the- box integration options through its App Directory, plus connectivity with more than 50,000 national, regional and independent shop partners through its Maintenance Shop Integration. By adding Fleetyr as a development services provider, Fleetio says its software integration options have expanded, allowing integration opportunities and resulting in a more connected fleet management process.

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