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May 18, 2020

Insects Limited

The All Beetle Ready-To-Use trapping system from Insects Limited has an improved design for easy deployment, the company says. The no-mess system comes with a pre-loaded pheromone cartridge that snaps into the base of the trap for a one-step install. Once the cartridge is in place, it is ready to be placed against the wall on a floor or shelf and it will immediately begin monitoring for pest beetles, Insects Limited reports.

The combination of food attractant and pheromone gel that is in the cartridge contains the pheromone for flour beetles, cigarette beetles, warehouse beetles, rice weevils as well as a food-based attractant for saw-toothed grain beetles and up to 20 other species of stored food beetles. The firm says the product features:

  • A ready-to-use improved design
  • No-mess deployment
  • Clear top for easy viewing window
  • A scientifically backed formula
  • A low profile
  • The ability to capture various crawling insects



Bell Laboratories

Bell Labs recently introduced the Ambush iQ bait station sensing tray, the latest addition to Bell’s Sensing product line.

Bell Labs says iQ products provide PMPs with previously unknown rodent data, allowing technicians to spend time conducting rodent control service instead of checking empty traps. All iQ products have fully integrated, weatherproof rodent sensors, batteries and Bluetooth antennae. Bell Labs says iQ products also provide PMPs with the first scalable rodent monitoring system that utilizes the same products currently used in their everyday rodent service. The Ambush iQ joins the full iQ line-up with sensors, including Express iQ, T-Rex iQ and 24/7 iQ. These products include secured stations, low-profile stations, multiple catch mouse traps and rat traps.



American Bio-Systems

American Bio-Systems offers PMPs several products to assist in their cleaning service offerings. BioMop Plus, a combination floor cleaner/biological degrader specially formulated for food-service accounts, can replace customers’ current mop products. The firm says it is a powerful microbial formula that “digests” organic waste and grease. After mopping, unused mop water is poured into problem drains.

Additionally, DrainGel is a powerful biological drain cleaner and its advanced microbial formula removes organic waste and odors in food-service accounts, American Bio-Systems says. DrainGel has two times the bacteria count as competitive products and incorporates advanced technology, the manufacturer reports.


1st Defence Industries

1st Defence Industries, a Canadian-based company that provides pest management products, announced a partnership with Target Specialty Group. The partnership gives Target Specialty Products the exclusive rights to sell 1st Defence Industries’ industrial-grade pest monitors, lures and traps. The partnership also provides the exclusivity for Target Specialty Products for a line of all-natural pest deterrents, including rodent and wildlife products, as well as its Rat Dust Yard Gard product.

“We are truly excited to work with Target Specialty Products to offer an extensive line of products to customers,” said Randall Sanford, founder and president at 1st Defence Industries. “Target Specialty Products can now expand its offering of eco-friendly, pesticide-free, non-toxic, child and pet safe pest control solutions to their customers directly.”

1st Defence is based in British Columbia with manufacturing facilities in Ontario and the U.S.



Coxreels’ new line of three industrial duty LED lights is available on the PC13 (Power Cord) cord reels. The LED lights feature a variety of industrial-grade features and options, including a 50,000-hour rating, internal light diffusers and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Coxreels’ LED lights also feature adjustable steel hooks for hands-free placement. Whether PMPs are looking for the compact LED light feature, the LED light with the additional power source, or the industrial-duty, UL Listed LED light, these reels are ideal for a variety of applications.