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September 5, 2019


Syngenta has introduced Advion WDG insecticide, a sprayable formulation of the Advion brand. This product will give PMPs a more versatile, non-pyrethroid, non-neonicotinoid solution for commercial and residential areas, the company says.

Syngenta says Advion WDG controls a broad range of targeted insects, including large-colony ants, cockroaches and termites. It also features a MetaActive effect that activates the insecticidal properties of the active ingredient, indoxacarb, once it reacts with enzymes only found in target insects, meaning non-target organisms are less likely to be affected by the product, the manufacturer says.

“Our MetaActive effect is an advantage for PMPs,” says Marshall Gaster, market manager for Professional Pest Management (PPM) at Syngenta. “It offers peace of mind by providing the targeted control their customers expect.”

Syngenta says Advion WDG is a versatile product that can go anywhere Advion gel baits can go — and more. In addition to flexible indoor uses, it can be applied as a perimeter band outdoors up to 10 feet, making it ideal for applications around single- and multi-family residential buildings and commercial facilities, the manufacturer reports. Advion WDG also can be used with Syngenta gel baits to enhance efficacy against target pests.

Additionally, the Advion WDG label allows for use in food-handling areas. This means PMPs can use the product in a variety of commercial spaces, like commercial kitchens, and as spot and crack-and-crevice treatments in food-processing facilities while the facility is running.

“PMPs have used the Advion bait products for many years, and we’re proud to provide the same reliability in a sprayable formulation,” says Pat Willenbrock, head of marketing for PPM at Syngenta. “Adding Advion WDG to a pest management rotation should be an easy decision for PMPs who are familiar with the Advion brand.”



Liphatech, manufacturer of rodenticides, including FirstStrike, Resolv, TakeDown, Generation, BlueMax, Maki and Borderline brands, is providing PMPs a unique opportunity to enhance their bottom line by offering free product with single-pallet purchases of those brands.

Free product quantities are based on the brand of pallet purchased and there is no limit on the purchase amount. However, purchases must be full-pallet quantities of one product on a single invoice. Liphatech will ship product directly to qualifying PMPs 10 to 12 weeks from the date of purchase.

The promotional offer is available through Aug. 31, 2020, to PMPs who purchase from select Liphatech distributors. The offer is only available in the United States, except where prohibited. For full promotion details and instructions for redeeming the free offer, visit

“This offer provides a great opportunity for PMPs to stock up and get free product amidst heightened summer and fall rodent activity,” said Charlie Passantino, structural pest control business director at Liphatech.


Senet, Woodstream

Senet, a provider of cloud-based software and services platforms to enable global connectivity and network build-out for the Internet of Things (IoT), recently announced a technology and go-to-market partnership with Woodstream Corporation.

Leveraging Senet’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) connectivity and device management services, the firm says Woodstream is enhancing its next-generation Victor brand rodent control platform. By combining cutting-edge technology in its wirelessly connected VLINK rodent trap with Senet’s Low Power Wide Area Network services, professional pest controllers servicing a variety of markets will be able to monitor their rodent control program from anywhere in real-time, the manufacturers say. Easy web and mobile application pairing, multi-year trap battery life and real-time alerts provide enhanced visibility and reduced cost for indoor and outdoor rodent control programs, the companies report.

“Our strategic collaboration with Senet is enabling our customers to quickly and seamlessly deploy new connected pest control solutions to protect their facilities and goods from rodent contamination, disease and damage,” said Ashley Brown, senior marketing manager for Victor. “Senet’s network deployment model and robust network management features uniquely allow Woodstream to rapidly deploy to our customer base, enabling a new level of visibility, quality and service.”

Senet says LoRaWAN networks, such as its Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN), are ideal for IoT applications that require dense coverage in difficult-to-reach places, long end-device battery life and long-range communication. Further, Senet says with its network buildout business models, a network deployed in commercial buildings for a pest management application can be easily leveraged and expanded to support a wide range of additional smart building and smart city applications with revenue share opportunities available to all solution providers, including pest management professionals.



Slingshot, the customer engagement platform for home services providers including pest control, announced it has closed a $2.4 million seed round led by RET Ventures. Slingshot provides home services providers, such as pest control and lawn care companies, with a turnkey, 24/7, omni-channel call center solution that engages leads, increases close rates and improves the customer experience, the company says. This funding will help the company expand into new home services verticals, scale its operations and make strategic investments in R&D that will solidify Slingshot’s leadership position within the $400 billion home services provider market, the company adds.

“One of the primary inhibitors to closing a sale in the home services industry is simply the inability for a potential customer to get a live human on the phone,” said Taylor Olson, CEO for Slingshot. “Sales leads are perishable so it’s important that businesses connect with customers the moment they are ready to make a purchase. Through our decentralized call centers and proprietary software, we enable home services providers to leverage the benefits of an always-on call center that is adept at closing sales as well as providing a best-in-class customer service experience.”

Slingshot says home services providers typically don’t have the resources to operate a fully functional contact center that can close sales across multiple channels, including voice, text and web chat. Slingshot says it offers small businesses a cost-effective and scalable solution that leverages highly trained, remote sales and customer service representatives to ensure customer issues are handled 24/7.

“We were impressed with the traction Slingshot was able to gain in the highly fragmented home services provider market,” says John Helm, managing director of RET Ventures. “We believe that an omni-channel customer service platform capable of closing leads is attractive to many small businesses, giving Slingshot a wide range of possible verticals to target. We are excited to work with the Slingshot team to help them expand into new verticals and deliver a truly game-changing service for small businesses.”