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November 8, 2019

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Bell Laboratories Launches iQ Product Line

Bell Laboratories introduced its new iQ product line, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies (BST). iQ products integrate proprietary BST sensors that turn some of Bell’s most popular products into powerful 24/7 rodent data-gathering machines, the manufacturer says.

Using Bell Sensing Technology, PMPs now will be able to know everything about the rodent activity occurring at their accounts. When, where and how much activity will now be known in detail and will automatically be collected and archived to provide trend analysis and proof of the efficacy of a service. PCOs can provide their technicians the ability to know in real time where hot spots are occurring so more time can be spent addressing problem areas. Thus, technicians can be more effective and valuable, Bell Labs says.

The Express iQ, T-Rex iQ and 24/7 iQ are now available and will seamlessly sync with the Bell Sensing Technology smartphone app and portal. Bell says this first-of-its-kind rodent monitoring system requires no gateways or complicated and costly infrastructure. Highly customized Bluetooth sensors allow data to be gathered quickly onsite from each iQ device and then uploaded to the cloud directly from a smartphone or tablet. This is a complete rodent data gathering and management system with ease of use and a cost basis that will allow it to be used at any account, the manufacturer says.

“Bell Labs is excited to launch its new division, Bell Sensing Technologies, and our new iQ product line, which will bring to market a fully integrated, scalable rodent data gathering system. Our new rodent monitoring system will allow PMPs to efficiently use technology to achieve superior rodent control,” says Patrick Lynch, senior vice president of sales.

CSI Introduces Precision Delivery System Featuring Dry Flowable Bait

CSI has introduced the Precision Delivery System Featuring Doxem Precise Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait. This is a revolutionary dry flowable bait and dry flowable applicator that provides unparalleled efficacy, simplicity and profitability to the professional pest management industry, the company says. The Precision Delivery System (PDS) is an all new piece of equipment exclusively for PMPs. It is designed to apply Doxem Precise bait consistently, accurately and quickly, CSI says. Capable of reaching up to 24 inches into voids, the PDS makes it possible for deep pockets of pests to be easily eliminated.

Doxem Precise, the first dry flowable bait to feature the active ingredient indoxacarb, flows quickly and easily into voids, cracks and crevices, the manufacturer says. This proprietary attractant material is attractive and effective against a wide variety of cockroaches and other pests. Very little bait is needed, placements as small as 0.05 grams are effective at eliminating cockroaches, CSI says. Additionally, a single application of Doxem Precise can be effective for more than one year.

SightTrap Powered by ForesightIPM from Insects Limited

Insects Limited says pheromone monitoring just got easier with SightTrap, which puts cameras in PMPs’ traps and gives access to essential information and data on pest management companies’ computers and smart phones. ForesightIPM is the brain behind SightTrap, providing automated monitoring with at-a-glance analysis and trends that help PMPs head off problems before they develop, the firm says. The SightTrap is a remote pheromone monitoring device that will automatically record a daily image of pheromone traps.

Pest management professionals can monitor traps via computer or mobile device and automatically view the pre-identified insects and detailed trending data for each customer. Insects Limited says SightTrap provides another layer of customer service to PMPs’ customers outside of their normal pest management zones.

PestRoutes, Lobster Marketing Deepen Integration to Support Customers

Lobster Marketing Group, an agency focused exclusively on providing marketing services to pest control firms, launched Local SEO with Buy Pest Control Online integrated with PestRoutes software — a provider of software for pest control companies.

The first page of Google’s search results continues to evolve, the company says, and pest control owners must react to remain competitive in their market. Google’s algorithm categorizes many “pest control” related searches as a location-based inquiry, and thus highlights local businesses through the Local Map Pack. To rank first organically in Google means a PMP’s listing will be shown halfway down on the page making Google My Business optimization now necessary for maximum exposure.

Lobster Marketing Group developed Local SEO with Buy Pest Control Online to support customers through this change, and with the goal of driving leads and low-cost sales for their business. Customers benefit from a professionally optimized Google My Business listing as well as lead, purchase and review reporting. Fully integrated with PestRoutes scheduling and payment processing, when Buy Pest Control Online is enabled it allows a firm the ability to schedule and sell services directly from its Google My Business listing through the appointment link. Those service details are then automatically added into the PestRoutes application.

Evolve Launches New Version of Cloud Software

Evolve, a software provider to pest control and field service management companies, recently unveiled the newest version of its software. “We are excited to bring the next evolution in field service management software to the market,” said Evolve President and CEO Chris Allison. “Our new software will help field service providers of any size streamline their operations, expand into new markets and turn their service business into a subscription business.

“This is a huge leap forward for the field service industry in terms of functionality and ease-of-use,” Allison said. “Nothing else comes close.” Some of the new features of Evolve include Copesan API integration, GPS gamification, dynamic customer price quotes, a customer API and more.

The cloud-based Evolve software suite combines both online and mobile applications that offer a wide range of features, including CRM, sales and estimating tools, smart scheduling, route management, mobile field service, a customizable forms builder, integrated credit card processing and a customer portal.

ServSuite Intelligent Routing Creates Ideal Routes

ServSuite says its Intelligent Routing module saves PMPs time and money. The company says by automatically building “perfect” routes that take into account multiple parameters, PMPs save on time, gas and labor. When putting together weekly schedules, ServSuite’s Intelligent Routing allows PMPs to factor in a range of variables: technicians’ shifts, breaks, holidays and much more. Once you have your ideal route setup ready, you can apply to all others. Having automated these tasks PMPs can optimize technicians’ time by building routes that are tailored to their schedules. Intelligent Routing does all the planning, leaving office staff free to focus on other tasks. Better organized routes enable your firm to provide faster services, which keeps customers happy, ServSuite says. Intelligent Routing has been developed with the field service business in mind, streamlining important tasks both in the office and the field.

Slingshot Offers PMPs a Complete Customer Engagement Platform

Since 2014, Slingshot has been helping PMPs across the United States adapt to the on-demand economy. Slingshot services help clients elevate their brands, expand their customer bases, and instantly engage with current and potential customers — on any device, 24 hours a day, the company says. Slingshot is a complete customer engagement platform, providing 24/7 multi-channel sales, automated emergency notifications and in-depth analytics — all for less than the cost of a single full-time employee, the company says. Slingshot can integrate with PMPs’ CRM, streamlining workflow and instantly delivering new customers. Slingshot says it can help decrease hold times, increase contact rates and boost annual business by up to 40 percent.

Pest Control From Behind Your Desk

New from VM Products, PestOptix is the first and only AI-enabled pest control system designed and built by PMPs for PMPs, the company says. VM Products says its proprietary software has been painstakingly trained to recognize and identify rodents, giving your pest management business maximum information only moments after image capture. It knows instantly when and where detection has occurred, giving you important information to service your accounts. PestOptix is the only platform that allows multi-pest recognition, including rodents, flying insects, crawling insects and larger animals, VM Products reports. It also provides convenient proof of service, which is ideal to include in customer reports, the company says.

Much more than a game camera, PestOptix interprets imagery and email alerts. With three regular flashes, it allows on-demand “push” image capture. The three infrared flashes prevent pests from being startled away.