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New Technology Supplement - New Technology Supplement

A round-up of news and product information about new technology in the pest management industry.

February 7, 2019

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Collabetive Services

Collabetive Services, makers of Blu Star Field Service Management System, on Dec. 26, 2018, acquired GPSlogix, which makes a web-based tracking software. GPSlogix is known for providing a GPS tracking solution at an affordable price, the company says.

Gregg Saunders, president of GPSlogix, said, “Collabetive is one of our larger customers and one whom we’ve worked with to improve our software over the past couple of years. We are happy we found the right home for GPSlogix and that they will continue to improve this product.”

“Blu Star already integrates with GPSlogix and we plan on making that integration tighter to better serve our Blu Star clients,” said Collabetive President Todd Leyse. Leyse, who has a B.A. in computer science from the University of Minnesota, added, “We will also offer our Blu Star Fleet to the GPSlogix customers, should they want to record oil changes, annual inspections and other services to their fleet, and to be alerted when services are coming due or overdue.”

GPSlogix also can alert on speeding, excessive idling, off-hours use, entering or leaving a geofence, engine diagnostic codes, and create stop reports with miles, engine run time, show trips on a map and more, the company says.


GPS Insight

GPS Insight says that when PMPs are sick of high fleet operating costs, worried about safety on the roads and have inefficiencies that waste time and money, they call GPS Insight. The company says every business is unique and shouldn’t be given a cookie-cutter product that may only partially help them. GPS Insight says it partners with customers to provide solutions to those challenges with results-focused customer service. The company says it strives to make PMPs’ jobs easier and delivers an exceptional customer experience through awesome products, awesome people and awesome results. GPS Insight says PMPs can expect:

  • Increased fleet visibility from anywhere, anytime using the desktop or mobile app
  • Reduction of fuel, labor and maintenance costs
  • Increased number of customers serviced per day
  • The ability to monitor all maintenance for maximum uptime
  • Reduction of administrative paperwork
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Enhanced driver safety and insurance discounts

Insects Limited

Insects Limited says PMPs should “know before you go.” The company offers SightTrap powered by ForesightIPM, which monitors traps and tracks infestations from a computer or smartphone. Pheromone monitoring just got easier with SightTrap, which puts a camera in PMPs’ traps and gives them access to essential information and data on a computer and smartphone, Insects Limited reports. PMPs can obtain accurate counts and see trends develop without inspections, which means better results and happier customers in less time and with fewer steps, Insects Limited says. ForesightIPM is the brain behind the SightTrap, providing automated monitoring with at-a-glance analysis and trends that help PMPs head off problems before they develop.


InSight Mobile Data

Since 1998, InSight Mobile Data has been focused on delivering 100 percent visibility into all activities taking place in the field through the StreetEagle software platform. InSight’s Complete Fleet Safety Program gives pest control companies safety expertise that reduces and prevents the crashes that put employees and the organization at risk, the firm says. InSight Mobile Data reports most busy fleet managers and owners lack the expertise, time and resources, to properly analyze any driver behavior data they may collect. They also don’t have time to apply insights gained to improve the overall safety and efficiency of their operation, the firm adds.

The Complete Fleet Safety Program helps organizations handle all aspects of creating, implementing and managing fleet safety policies and practices. InSight Mobile Data does so through a diverse offering of both one-time (setup) and ongoing managed services that can be configured to meet the specific needs of a PMP’s fleet operation. When properly applied and managed, these services will help encourage high-level driving performance that delivers quantifiable results, enhances a PMP’s reputation and boosts employee morale.


Plunkett’s Lycensed team includes (from left) Project Manager Dylan O’Donnell, Software Developers Andy Selvig and Sean O’Donnell, and Technical Consultant Andrew Taylor.

Program from Plunkett’s Can Keep Technicians ‘Lycensed’

Tracking the licenses, expirations, testing and renewals of every service category for every technician in your company; knowing the specific requirements and expirations for each; and filling out the many and varied forms to keep your staff validly licensed can be a labor-intensive (and monotonous) challenge. And that challenge is significantly increased if you operate a multi-state business and are dealing with various rules, requirements and reciprocities.

Such challenges inspired the Plunkett’s Pest Control technical team to develop Lycensed, a software program that takes over tracking and notification to ensure PMPs are always currently licensed.

“It is a shared problem that everyone in the industry faces,” said Plunkett’s Project Manager Dylan O’Donnell at an off-site demo of the product at the 2018 PestWorld conference. And the problem can become disastrous if a license inadvertently expires. Say, for example, a technician who is doing a termite job gets audited; if his or her license isn’t current, you could be facing a significant fine – not to mention the loss of that technician until all the hoops have been jumped to get that license back in effect.

“To address the problem, we wanted a single platform that would manage all state licenses and be intelligent about certification types, categories, etc.,” said Software Developer Andy Selvig. “We wanted to create a single repository for all the information.”

Lycensed is a spin-off of Plunkett’s Pest Control’s proprietary enterprise system software, Clypboard, which controls the client, technician and office technology experiences across all facets of the company’s business. The company chose to spin off Lycensed into an industry-available endeavor because, O’Donnell said, “it provides a comprehensive solution from which the entire industry can benefit.”

The program currently supports 26 states and 46 certification types, but is continuously expanding with a target of supporting all 50 states. The system’s application program interface (API) enables third-party interface, so data from a pest control company’s current system or spreadsheet can be imported.

Once migration is complete, data loaded for each technician’s current license and certification status, and any company specifications configured, the system takes over. When a license/certificate is coming up for renewal, the technician is automatically notified through email with the steps needed for renewal detailed (e.g., “Register for pre- license training course.”). As steps are completed, the system moves down the chain, updating and providing further management or administrative notifications. (If steps are not completed in a timely fashion, further notification also is automated.)

Not only does this enable a single administrative person to keep an eye on all licensing, “it gives access to all the information at their fingertips,” Selvig said. Through secure log-in, authorized persons can view a chronological timeline of all certifications, grouped by missing, pending, completed, etc.; see images of the actual certificates/licenses; annotate form fields to automatically fill; look up technicians’ licenses; or search the database for other information.

Taking the program a step beyond licenses and certificates, Lycensed also can track labels and SDSs, automatically combing manufacturer websites to pull in the most current versions for each. “We wanted to address licensing, but a similar problem was label management,” said Software Developer Sean O’Donnell. Currently the system includes 6,500 chemicals and 15,000 documents, he said. The system also includes a “tokenized” mobile-friendly page, enabling technicians to access their certificates, labels, etc., without having to log-in. Both the license and label/SDS features also have customer-facing web pages that can be added to the pest control company website to give clients easy access to these documents.

The primary goal of Lycensed is to handle ongoing, recurring tasks that are hard to manage, Dylan O’Donnell said. “Lycensed is the one source of truth – continuously checking all the sites.” The cost is $3 per technician per month, with a minimum of 10 technicians. For more information, email or visit – Lisa Lupo


Key 7 Software

Key 7 Software says there are seven key principles for running a successful business: efficiency, teamwork, communication, performance tracking, defined processes, accountability and excellent service. 7 Software was developed with those in mind. The Key 7 team says it helps PMPs define processes to create efficiencies in daily operations. Teamwork, accountability and internal communication are reinforced in the ticketing system and with the ability to easily share customer information internally. Key 7 offers various methods of customer communication including, mail, email and text. Companies are able to make smart business decisions based on trends found in various sales, production and revenue reporting, the firm says. All of these features and more allow companies to provide excellent customer service and a better overall customer experience, Key 7 Software reports.



PestRoutes, a provider of business management software for pest control companies, announced a strategic partnership with Lobster Marketing Group to incorporate marketing and lead generation solutions into the existing PestRoutes platform. Lobster Marketing Group is an Ellsworth, Maine-based agency focused exclusively on providing marketing software and services to pest control firms.

“Finding ways to add software solutions that create long-term value for our customers and their families is our No. 1 priority,” says Jared Green, the founder of PestRoutes. “The partnership with the Lobster Marketing Group delivers on that promise. The addition of integrated marketing services gives our customers the tools they need to grow, retain and remain profitable so they can spend more time with their families.”

With the partnership, pest control companies using PestRoutes business software and mobile applications will have access to integration between their websites and business management software, enabling customers to buy pest control online, offer online customer portals and proactively manage and promote customer reviews. Additionally, Lobster Marketing will help PestRoutes customers efficiently manage and measure all lead generation and marketing activities, including digital design, content development and search engine marketing.

“For years, we’ve recognized the important role digital marketing plays in driving growth for pest control companies. The biggest challenge for these companies was the ability to effectively manage and measure those services with one platform,” says Ross Mawhinney, chief executive officer of Lobster Marketing Group. “We are delighted to partner with PestRoutes. The integration of our two solutions provides pest control companies with a singular solution to deliver their unique brand message and convert leads. Supporting their success is our No. 1 focus.”



ServSensor is a remote monitoring solution that provides users with 24/7 virtual access to service locations and their activity. ServSensor utilizes advanced wireless technologies for monitoring and providing real-time information; it allows the user to know what is going on at a site without physically being there. Sensor technology is shaping how the pest management industry is developing, as it greatly reduces unnecessary inspections and facilitates optimal time management, ServicePro says.

ServSensor can be attached to a desired pest control device for monitoring. When the sensor is triggered, user(s) will receive a real-time text or email notification with the exact location of where the activity occurred. With ServSensor monitoring service locations, users have the unique opportunity to respond at the exact moment when activity has taken place. In addition, with ServSensor’s robust software for remote monitoring, a user will gain an effective tool for collecting the information that is most important to them and easily manage their service locations, the company adds.



Since 2014, Slingshot has been helping pest control providers across the United States adapt to the on-demand economy. Slingshot services help clients elevate their brands, expand their customer bases, and instantly engage with current and potential customers — on any device, 24 hours a day, the company says. Slingshot is a complete customer engagement platform, providing 24/7 multi-channel sales, automated emergency notifications and in-depth analytics — all for less than the cost of a single full-time employee, the company says. Slingshot can integrate with PMPs’ CRM, streamlining workflow and instantly delivering new customers. Slingshot says it can help decrease hold times, increase contact rates and boost annual business by up to 40 percent. Slingshot says it believes in a world where conversations matter, where technology enhances human interaction instead of replacing it and where people can effortlessly connect with service providers that help home feel like home.



VLINK from Woodstream offers no false triggers and features unprecedented efficacy, durability and consistent performance, the company says. Coupled with long-range connectivity and an intuitive app, VLINK will change the way PMPs do business, Woodstream adds. The quick, high-voltage shock offers a clean and humane alternative to rodenticides. Until serviced, the rodent remains secure and out of sight. Offering an IP67-rated rat and mouse trap option, this complete coverage solution can be used indoors and outdoors. VLINK has long-range connectivity that can cover more than 200,000 square feet and with the app, users can manage sites and activity from anywhere at any time.



WorkWave, a leading provider of software solutions for the field service and last-mile delivery industries, announced a suite of new and updated features to empower its WorkWave PestPac customers to service commercial businesses.

WorkWave says it has been able to collect an abundance of data and insight into what its customers need in order to grow and service their own customers. This enabled WorkWave to understand the need to redefine Commercial 4.0 — the next wave of commercial pest control. When servicing commercial customers, whether it be an office building or an apartment complex, pest control companies need to manage the robust nature of business processes and services that come along with it, while still providing the highest-level service.

“WorkWave PestPac prides itself on being the only field service management platform that can provide this level of commercial functionality to its customers, which ultimately results in stronger customer satisfaction, increased ROI, and room to transform and grow as a pest control business,” said Marne Martin, CEO of WorkWave.

With WorkWave PestPac’s new and updated features, commercial pest control companies can get the total package and integration they need to succeed, the firm says. New features include:

  • CustomerConnect+ LogBook: This allows for documentation storage and tracking, with a redesigned auditor mode. Within LogBook there is a commercial view to manage all conditions and pests captured, as well as view device summaries and trends reports.
  • Diagrams: The redesigned diagrams enable users to more efficiently manage their site and facility, easily locate traps and bait stations and allow for faster and easier device management.
  • Conditions Threshold: Traditional WorkWave PestPac thresholds allow for tracking and alerts based on pest activity levels, and the new conditions threshold alerts for aging conditions that need to be addressed.
  • Multi-Unit Mobile Capability: Pest control technicians now can effectively service individual units by collecting signatures and printing reports by unit directly from the mobile app.