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Bed Bug Supplement - Bed Bug Supplement

A round-up of news and product information about bed bug control.

September 13, 2018

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New Bed Bug Book Now Available in PCT Store

Editors of “Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs” are (from left to right) Dr. Stephen Doggett, Dr. Dini Miller and Dr. Chow-Yang Lee.

“Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs” (1st Edition), a new comprehensive scholarly treatment of bed bugs, is now available in the PCT store. The book costs $160 and includes free shipping. ABMMBB updates and expands on existing material on bed bugs with an emphasis on the worldwide resurgence of both the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, and the tropical bed bug, Cimex hemipterus.

The 472-page book was co-edited by bed bug experts Stephen L. Doggett, Department of Medical Entomology, NSW Health Pathology, Westmead Hospital, Westmead, Australia; Dini M. Miller, Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.; and Chow-Yang Lee, School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. More than 60 of the world’s most recognizable names in the field of bed bug research and practice contributed, including Michael Potter, Dini Miller, Rick Cooper, Changlu Wang, Stephen Kells, Alvaro Romero, Chow-Yang Lee and Mike Siva-Jothy.

There are eight main parts, 46 chapters plus an introduction by the editors and a conclusion that examines the future of bed bugs. Highlights include:

  • New information on ba- sic science
  • Advice on using applied management strategies
  • Bed bug bioassay techniques
  • Cutting-edge information on the major impacts of bed bugs in these areas: medical; legal; housing and hotel industries across the world; and public health.

The authors say “Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs” is an essential reference for stakeholders who are or could be impacted by bed bugs, or who are engaged in managing bed bugs. The book will be highly beneficial to those in an academic profession, who undertake research on bed bugs and related insects, or are involved in public education, the editors said.

Download a video of the authors discussing the book.

Colorado Tri-Flo Signs Distribution Agreement with Target Specialty Products

Colorado Tri-Flo recently announced an online distribution agreement with Target Specialty Products, a supplier of professional pest management products. This agreement further expands the availability of Tri-Flo’s bed bug thermal solutions to the professional pest management market.

“Tri-Flo’s Eradi-Flo line of electric bed bug heaters provide our pest control customers with an effective way to eradicate bed bugs,” said David Helt, president at Target Specialty Products.

“Target Specialty Products provides an excellent nationwide footprint to reach professional pest managers with our thermal bed bug solutions,” said Pete Dame, vice president of sales, Colorado Tri-Flo Systems.

The manufacturer says Tri-Flo solutions are safe, effective and environmentally friendly. The products also are ETL certified and feature the CE Mark. Using patented airflow technology, the thermal solutions generate the heat and airflow necessary to kill bed bugs.

Colorado Tri-Flo says it provides thermal solutions to give PMPs peace of mind and help their business grow. The firm accomplishes this by designing and building portable heaters that efficiently heat large and small areas using a patented dual airflow design, it says.

FTC Sends Refund Checks Regarding Deceptively Marketed Bed Bug Treatments

In July, the Federal Trade Commission announced it was mailing 852 refund checks, totaling more than $214,000, to consumers nationwide who bought bed bug treatments that claimed to use cedar oil to stop and prevent bed bug infestations. Each check recipient is receiving 95 percent of the amount they spent on these treatments, the FTC said in a press release. The average check amount is $251.

The refunds stem from a January 2018 complaint against Chemical Free Solutions (CFS), the seller of Cedarcide Original, a line of products that the FTC found were deceptively marketed as effective at stopping and preventing bed bug infestations. In its complaint, the FTC alleged that the company violated a 2013 Commission order barring it from making scientifically unsupported claims.

Under the modified court order announced in January, CFS admitted it violated the 2013 order, was banned from selling bed bug eradication products and was ordered to pay money to refund consumers.

Those with questions about this refund program can call Rust Consulting, the refund administrator for this matter, at 877/906-1610.

PCOC: Rodent & Bed Bug Infestations on the Rise Throughout California

While ants continue to be California’s most frequently reported pest problem, the state is experiencing a significant upward trend in reports of rodent and bed bug infestations, according to a survey released in May by the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC).

The findings are contained in “What’s Bugging California Survey, 2018,” the inaugural industry survey of the state’s licensed pest control operators.

Just more than half (51.25 percent) of the respondents said the most rapidly growing reason for commercial and residential customer calls were to eliminate infestations of rat and other rodents. The second fastest growing problem was for bed bugs (25.6 percent), according to the survey.

“The results confirmed what we have been hearing anecdotally for the past year — that rodents are thriving and becoming more difficult to control throughout the state,” said Chris Reardon, PCOC’s executive director. “Our customers are also reporting greater problems with bed bugs.”

The survey results were taken from responses of 160 representatives from major pest control companies located in every region of California, said Reardon.

According to the survey, the following represent California’s top six problematic pests for consumers and businesses:

  1. Ants
  2. Rats and Rodents
  3. Wasps and Hornets
  4. Cockroaches
  5. Bed Bugs
  6. Spiders

Reardon noted that controlling these and other pests is essential to protecting public health because they can spread a wide range of diseases, including salmonella, West Nile and Zika viruses, bubonic plague and other illnesses.

“The ability to effectively manage pests is a key advantage that differentiates our society from Third World countries,” he said. “Our industry believes access to pest control should be a fundamental right for Californians, who need to be able to protect their families, homes and businesses.”

“California’s pest control professionals are among the most heavily trained and regulated in the United States,” Reardon said. “Because of this, PCOC members employ a wide range of Integrated Pest Management strategies that incorporate both chemical and non-chemical approaches. The industry goal is to minimize pesticides while still maximizing pest eradication.”

FPMA Partners with P.E.S.T. Relief International to help Mission SErving Homeless

Members of FPMA joined together for a day of service.

Since 2009, The Brevard Rescue Mission has dedicated themselves to breaking the cycle of homelessness in families by providing women with children housing, access to health care, transportation, education, nutrition, job training and life skills.

On April 28, Florida Pest Management Association and P.E.S.T. Relief International joined forces to bring comfort and relief to the residents with their first REST Initiative. The mission was to provide a clean and comfortable place for the residents to live, so they can get the help and care they need in a safe environment. Through the direction of the pest management industry’s John Riley, Elliot Zace and Steve Lum, a work day was organized to benefit Joy’s Place, a newly acquired residence for Brevard Rescue Mission located in Brevard County, FPMA Region 4.

The day began with general yard cleanup including raking, pruning trees, pulling weeds, putting new mulch down and repairing an old fence. To round out the outside chores, the sidewalks and patios were pressure washed and stair rails and balconies were painted. “I can’t thank everyone enough for this,” said John Riley. “We were a small group who offered what we had and look at what we were able to accomplish!”

After sprucing up the outside, the team moved indoors to prepare the new apartment with new blinds, furniture, lamps, housewares, kitchen items and small appliances. More joy for the children was inspired through toys and the installation of comfortable beds. Through the Hope to Dream program, mattresses were donated, complete with sheets, bedding and pillows. Mattress encasements also were provided to keep them sanitary for a healthy, bed bug-free environment.

Volunteers cleaned The Brevard Rescue Mission inside and out. The home helps homeless families get back on their feet.

Together the group is bringing hope to those in need. “My hope is that we have set the stage for FPMA and those associated with it to give back and take even a few hours out of life to help someone for a lifetime. It is always great to see how God uses us all for the greater good,” said Elliot Zace.

The Florida Pest Management Association and P.E.S.T. Relief International thanked the sponsoring companies and those who volunteered, and said because of the volunteers’ time and resources, Joy’s place is now ready to house a family who is transitioning into a better life. Sponsoring companies/volunteers included:

  • Slug-A-Bug: Steve Lum, Elliot Zace, Ed Sigman, Brandon Brinson, Stephanie Brinson, Kim McClimans, Michael Lacy, Keith Manning and Randy Darrah
  • Real Fleet Solutions: Jennifer Allen, John Riley, Joan Riley, Noah Riley, Cynthia Smith, Mike Defazio and James Tierney
  • Mattress Safe: Andrea Hancock
  • Pest Prescription: David Schuermann and Davey Schuermann
  • Biologic Sales: Jim Shuford
  • Florida Sprayers: Justine Carter and Barry Carter
  • Blessed Is She Bible Study Group: Sarah Riley, Olivia St. Germain, Lauren Beary and John Moist