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September 14, 2018

Wildlife Control Supplies

B3X-SR Exclusion Strips are specifically designed for use with corrugated metal roofs and exclusively sold by Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS). They provide the same protection from bats, birds and bees as the original B3X strips, but their wedge shape makes them ideal for excluding the spaces created by corrugated metal roofing, WCS says. The “compression anchor technology” constructed of reticulated polyurethane material allows installation without adhesives or tools. Each box contains 24 2-foot strips, for a total of 48 linear feet.

WCS says B3X-SR Exclusion Wedge Strips are lightweight, flexible, easily compressed and extremely durable. Compression anchor technology allows installation without the risk of damaging structures with adhesives or fasteners, the company adds. The strips are eco-friendly, rustproof and 100 percent non-toxic, WCS reports.

Tower Trap

Tower Traps are new bed bug and flea traps. They are the product of extensive research and utilize some of the newest findings as to what attracts bed bugs and fleas, including color, light flicker frequency and light spectrum, manufacturer Tower Trap says. They are pesticide-free and durable, the company adds. In addition to features that attract bed bugs and fleas, Tower Traps are designed to make it difficult for bugs to circumnavigate the traps. They raise furniture off of the ground so that items such as bed skirts, blankets and storage bins don’t allow bugs access onto the furniture.

VM Products

VM Products announces the introduction of EZ Square Rat, a new, standalone Wi-Fi-enabled trap system that gives pest management professionals real-time alerts of rodent activity.

The snap trap alert system installs in about 60 seconds anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection or hot spot. EZ Square Rat provides online alerts when the snap trap has been deployed, giving pest professionals an immediate notification on a smartphone or tablet.

VM Products says EZ Square Rat represents a paradigm shift in the way that pest control firms control rodents. Technicians will have instant information when there is a pest issue, whether it be a minor single-trap incident or multiple incidents. Rather than checking every trap physically to see if there’s activity, technicians can focus on the other aspects of pest control they provide to their customers, the company says.

According to VM Products President and Founder Ethan Vickery, EZ Square Rat is the company’s second Electronic Rodent Monitoring (ERM) device, with more to come. VM Products paved the way with VM Now, a platform technology system developed to support large food-processing accounts. EZ Square Rat is designed for all accounts.

“EZ Square Rat helps technicians by giving them the ability to manage accounts differently by using critical real-time data,” said Vickery. “It also drops into hard-to-reach locations, so it makes working in difficult situations easier.”

While performance is what the product delivers, technology is the cornerstone of EZ Square Rat’s development. “EZ Square Rat combines a traditional trap with innovation from the Internet of Things (IoT),” said Vickery. “VM Products is developing the next generation of rodent control solutions that will help increase performance through better technology.”

Powered by a two-year battery, EZ Square Rat delivers daily keep-alive and online alerts. The system is an end-to-end solution that includes the snap trap hardware, the software component and a mobile application. Pest technicians use the mobile or tablet application during installation to add traps to a system and to receive push notifications.

Once installed, the EZ Square Rat trap system provides data via Wi-Fi routers to an Internet server, where data is stored until it is pushed to pest professionals via smartphone or tablet application or a desktop web management portal.

“The EZ Square is the opportunity for early detection, permanent monitoring and dynamic cleanouts,” said Vickery. “ERM products like EZ Square Rat give pest control technicians the opportunity to identify and treat rodent activity before they grow into infestations.”

Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier introduced Optical Gel dishes, which feature a magnet set into the base for faster mounting. The magnets eliminate the need for glue when installing Optical Gel onto metal surfaces. PMPs simply remove the lid and place each dish in position. If they get it wrong, PMPs can just pick it up and place it correctly, Bird Barrier says.

The product is ideal when mounting to metal ducts, I-beams or other metallic surfaces, Bird Barrier reports. When mounting to an angled surface, like sign letters, PMPs no longer need to worry about it sliding downhill while the glue dries, the manufacturer says.

Optical Gel Mag also can be removed for various reasons. Perhaps the product is not needed in the winter. Or the building is to be cleaned or painted. With Optical Gel Mag, just pop the lids back on and throw them into a box until they’re ready to be reinstalled. While silicone typically does not stain building surfaces, it can leave a bit of residue behind when Optical Gel dishes are removed. This is not an issue with Optical Gel Mag, the company says.


EcoClear Products says it has introduced a product that is not only safe for the environment but also effective in eradicating rodents. EcoClear Products distributes its lines of rodent and pest control products to more than 1,600 stores and will be debuting its new RatX Bait Discs at the 2018 NPMA PestWorld tradeshow and convention. “RatX is the safest way to effectively control and kill rats and mice and is very effective,” stated Christopher Stidd, president of EcoClear Products. EcoClear Products RatX Bait Discs’ patented formula works specifically by targeting the unique digestive systems of rats and mice. Once ingested, dehydration commences, causing blood thickening and circulatory collapse, prompting the rodents to become lethargic, retreat to the burrow, lapse into a coma and die. Due to this “mummified process” smell is almost non-existent, EcoClear Products says. The company adds that the RatX Bait Discs are 100 percent “green” and 100 percent effective.

Pest Control Insulation

Pest Control Insulation (PCI), makers of EPA-registered TAP Pest Control Insulation, has teamed with GreenSky to help pest control and wildlife control companies grow their businesses and delight their customers, the firm says. PCI says leveraging the GreenSky financing arm is a simple process where a homeowner applies for a loan using a convenient mobile app, phone or computer. Approval is delivered in seconds, allowing pest management professionals an easy-to-use financing tool for larger pest jobs such as attic capping or insulation removal and replacement featuring EPA-registered TAP Pest Control Insulation. “The GreenSky multi-option financing program simply complements our existing world-class support tools and training for which clients have come to appreciate,” shares Jay Mancin, PCI CFO.

Since 2001, Pest Control Insulation has provided turnkey equipment packages for PMPs and wildlife professionals as well as training and support. Dedicated to providing new revenue opportunities through innovative, environmentally responsible and highly valued pest control systems, Pest Control Insulation says it supports companies nationwide. PCI’s flagship product, TAP Pest Control Insulation, is a cellulose insulation bearing the Energy Star and UL Classified marks manufactured specifically for the pest and wildlife management industry.


Isuzu Commercial Truck of America displayed an all-electric version of its N-Series truck at the National Truck Equipment Association’s 2018 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis earlier this year.

“Isuzu continues to develop and grow in order to support a new generation of transportation needs and address escalating customer requests for a potential electrical truck. Commercial truck customer needs vary by market. By deploying this truck that utilizes an EV system engineered by one of the North American companies we are working with, and other companies with different electrical systems, we will be able to develop the right trucks for our customers’ needs,” said Shaun C. Skinner, president, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America and Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada. “There is no doubt that all-electric trucks are part of the future of commercial vehicles; they are part of our future as well.”

The truck on display at the Work Truck Show was modified by Nordresa, developer and manufacturer of electrified powertrains for commercial vehicles.


Trece’s latest technological IPM concept is the new Cidetrak IMM, a simple, high-performance dispenser for Indian meal moth mating disruption. Cidetrak IMM is designed to prevent mating by sending Indian meal moths into a state of confusion — the male cannot find the female. Treces says users report outstanding results from extensive use in food-processing, commodity storage and retail facilities.

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