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May 9, 2018

Colorado Tri-Flo

Colorado Tri-Flo released the Tri-Flo 120 20 Amp bed bug heating solution that kills bed bugs in rooms around 120 square feet, the firm says. This solution comes with two ER1800, 110-volt, 20-amp heaters, a high-temperature fan and a laser infrared thermometer.

“The Tri-Flo 120 20 Amp provides bed bug solutions for smaller-size rooms. It also provides the ability to turn a small room into a bed bug heating chamber, killing bed bugs where they live and breed,” said Ron Elsis, vice president of operations. “Don’t let the size of the ER1800 heater fool you. Each heater has only one plug, weighs 16 pounds and puts out 6,150 BTUs. Two of these heaters easily raise the temperature in a small room to over 121°F, sufficient to kill bed bugs.”

Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier recently launched two bidding apps to its website: The Product Advisor and The Quick Quote.

Product Advisor helps PMPs to find the best product solution for any bird problem. This tool narrows your selection down based on three questions: What kind of bird is causing your bird problem? What are the birds doing? Where are they doing it? After completing these questions, Bird Barrier’s most effective product solutions will pop up, starting with the best. After choosing the right program based on the Product Advisor, Bird Barrier’s Quick Quote can help determine an estimate.

Quick Quote helps PMPs get a quick estimate so they can gauge the customer’s interest before making a final proposal. It is an easy way to get a feel for how much the project may cost, and whether the customer is able to make the investment, Bird Barrier says. The estimates can be saved for future use. The Quick Quote process includes:

  • Name the project, and the area on the building
  • Select the product to be used
  • Enter the length and width of the ledge, or area to be protected
  • Rate the complexity (from “Easy” to “Hard”)
  • Enter an estimate in dollars for cleaning
  • Enter an estimate in dollars for lift rental
  • Enter your company’s hourly rate
  • Press “Calculate” and PMPs instantly will have useful information

The Quick Quote will display a price range, not a final quotation that can be discussed with the customer. If the customer is willing to learn more, the company should conduct a thorough inspection, measure accurately, create a materials list, and assess the costs of labor, cleaning, lift rental and other variables, Bird Barrier says.

Each Quick Quote result can be saved, and is automatically emailed to the user so it can be shared within the company.


The UCT-15 is the newest innovation of Gardner Fly Lights. This light is an ideal fit for mounting under bars and counters to help with fly control, the manufacturer says. Additionally, this portable light can be mounted horizontally or vertically on any wall or placed on top of any flat surface. The UCT-15 comes with an easy-to-use mounting bracket. PMPs simply secure the bracket to any flat surface and slide the backside of the light onto the bracket, Gardner says. Mounting locations include: near trash compactors, on countertops, under bars, under counters, in entryways and in hallways. The UCT-15 is easy to service as well, with two 3- by 11-inch glueboards that slide in and out of the ends of the unit. Available in multiple colors, including green, black and silver, the UCT-15 will easily blend into customers’ decor, Gardner says.

The fly light attributes include:

  • 24-hour, non-chemical trapping
  • Energy-efficient UV Insect Lamp (15 watts)
  • Easy-to-use mounting bracket
  • Five-year warranty

Central Life Sciences

The Zoëcon Professional Products division of Central Life Sciences announced the launch of Lava-Lor Granular Bait. The company says this new addition can be used indoors and out, providing effective control of cockroaches (excluding American cockroaches), crickets, nuisance ants (excluding carpenter, fire, harvester and Pharaoh ants) and other listed crawling pests through multiple modes of action.

“Lava-Lor Granular Bait is ideal for tough cockroach and cricket infestations in sensitive sites,” said Tony Schultz, business manager for Zoëcon Professional Products. “This solution provides pest control professionals with quick knockdown in an easy-to-apply bait.”

Lava-Lor Granular Bait features two active ingredients: hydramethylnon and imidacloprid. This ready-to-use bait is approved for indoor void and crack-and-crevice treatments in sensitive areas, including food handling and processing facilities. Lava-Lor Granular Bait also can be used to control listed pests outdoors for turf and perimeter treatments with no “watering-in” necessary. Available in two sizes, a 10-ounce bottle and 25-pound pail, the new bait can be used in a bait station, or applied via shaker or spreader for flexible application options.