Now is the Time to Work Together

Cover Story: Top 100 - Cover Story: Top 100

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May 13, 2020

All of our businesses, our everyday lives, have been profoundly shifted — which is why we must come together to support each other, today and into the future.

In times of uncertainty like this, trust and partnership matter most. Conversations with coworkers, friends, colleagues and partners help us understand who needs help, and what kind of support they need to keep businesses moving forward. We at Veseris are ready to be there for you and your business, working alongside you every day.

As we face the future uncertainty of this silent pandemic, we must make time to celebrate achievements of the past. So stepping back, we at Veseris would also like to make the time to joyfully recognize our industry’s Top 100 for 2019.

Even in the midst of world changes and a new brand for our company, there’s nothing more important than making a positive impact on the companies and workers that make up this industry. That’s why you will see, in this issue, stories from Veseris customers — people we are proud to have helped with solutions for taking on tough challenges.

Whatever challenges 2020 brings, we will continue to face and conquer them together. Our people will be keeping the conversation going, and we want to hear from you about what your business needs.

Trace McEuen