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January 5, 2018


PCT keeps a pulse on the industry with timely Reader Poll questions. Here is the most recent question for pest management professionals. How much do think President Trump’s tax plan will help your business?


Here’s a look at results from a recent Reader Poll:

What do you expect your company’s customer retention rate to be this year?

Source: PCT Reader Poll, November 2017

It’s been another busy year for the PCT Online staff, reporting on pest control industry news, and providing compelling multimedia. Here’s a look at the most downloaded news and audio/video files, as reported by Google Analytics. 

Top 10 Downloaded Articles
  1. Bed Bugs: Managing Customer Expectations
  2. Cover Story: Top 100
  3. What’s Trending in Bed Bugs?
  4. Cover Story: Rentokil Rising
  5. Aptive Environmental Arrives in Top 25
  6. Cover Story: Who Is Sweden’s Anticimex?
  7. Bed Bugs Attracted to Dirty Laundry, Research Shows
  8. Rollins to Acquire Northwest Exterminating
  9. CDC Issues Zika Virus Update for Spring Travelers
  10. U.S. Structural Pest Control Market Surpasses $8 Billion
Top 10 Downloaded Audio/Visual Files
  1. Video: Multiple Queens in a Conehead Termite Colony
  2. Video: Insights into Rodent Baiting Strategies
  3. Webinar: Keys to Effective Mosquito Control this Summer
  4. Webinar: Fendona CS: Launching New Innovation
  5. Podcast: Hiring and Retaining the Right People
  6. Podcast: Conehead Termite Observations
  7. Video: Rat Uses Open Sewer Pipe to Gain Basement Entrance
  8. Webinar: The Latest Solutions and Tactics for Controlling Tough Cockroaches
  9. Podcast: Pests of the Pipes
  10. Video: Arrow Exterminators 50th Anniversary

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