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January 8, 2021


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Most Downloaded From PCT Online in 2020

It’s been another busy year for the PCT Online staff, reporting on pest control industry news and providing compelling multimedia. Here’s a look at the most downloaded articles and audio/video files, as reported by Google Analytics.

Top 10 Articles

  • PCT Top 100 List
  • Mouse Mythbusters: Can a Mouse Squeeze Through a Hole the Size of a Dime?
  • How to Raise Prices
  • Tips for German Cockroaches
  • The Observational Biologist (i.e., You!)
  • The State of the Termite Market
  • Treating Subnests & Satellite Nests
  • An Outside(r) Perspective
  • The Middle-Class Squeeze
  • Tracking Job Satisfaction

Top 10 A/V Downloads

  • Slideshow: PCT Best Pest Photo Contest
  • Video: Crown Leadership Awards
  • Video: Vehicle Wrap Contest
  • YouTube: Trailer for David Attenborough’s Ant Mountain
  • Video: Big Blue Bug Solutions Commercials Featuring John O’Hurley
  • Slideshow: Photos from Kevin Wiener, Swat Pest Management
  • Cross-Country PMP Conversations with Court: Episode 1 — Justin McCauley
  • Podcast: COVID-19’s Impact on NYC’s Rodents
  • Audio Article: 5 Wildlife Control Mistakes to Avoid
  • Video: Grizer Castle

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Source: Google Analytics

PODCAST: Bat Bugs Vs. Bed Bugs

PCT caught up with Terminix Technical Service Manager Angela Tucker, who wrote the PCT November From the Field column “When Pests and Wildlife Intersect: How to Identify and Treat for Bat Bugs.” In this podcast, Tucker provides tips for distinguishing bat bugs from bed bugs, and also provides advice for controlling bat bugs. If you have questions for Tucker to answer in future columns, send them to her at To listen to the podcast, visit “Videos & Podcasts” at