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July 11, 2018


PCT keeps a pulse on the industry with timely Reader Poll questions. Below is the most recent question for pest management professionals at Which is the most common mistake homeowners make when it comes to rodent prevention?


Here’s a look at results from a recent Reader Poll:

Do you offer your employees a 401 (k) or comparable retirement plan?

Source: PCT Reader Poll, June 2018

PODCAST: Who’s Answering Your Phones?

Hal Coleman, a former PCO and state regulator who now works as a marketing consultant, contributed the recent PCT article “Who’s Answering Your Phones?” — which reviewed the importance of having the right people answering phone calls at your company. PCT caught up with Coleman for a podcast on this topic. Download this podcast from the Online Extras section on the PCT Online homepage.


Online Label Training Course Demo

Have you tried PCT’s online label training courses yet? Check out a new demo of how it works. Created by Board Certified Entomologist and consultant Stoy Hedges, the courses use photographs, video clips and reference materials to challenge users’ knowledge, experience and problem-solving skills for a wide range of products and pest problems. Accessible by PC, tablet or smartphone, the training is presented in modules designed to take a half-hour to an hour to complete. Watch the new demo.

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