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June 30, 2022


PCT keeps a pulse on the industry with timely Reader Poll questions. Here is the most recent question for pest management professionals. How often do you revise your company’s employee handbook? Click here to participate.


Here's a look at results from a recent PCT Reader Poll.

NEW: PCT Best Video Contest

No two days are alike in the day and life of a pest management professional. On your daily routes, you encounter massive swarms, filthy accounts and sometimes unexpected pests. Thanks to today’s technology (e.g., smartphones, trail cameras), you have captured many of these encounters on video. Upload your best pest-related video at for a chance to win $500 from PCT. Please note that all videos must be uploaded as MP4s, 30 seconds or less in length and no larger than 180 MB.


Online Only: 6 Tips for Controlling Difficult Cockroach Infestations

Eric Paysen, technical services manager of Professional Pest Management at Syngenta, North America, weighs in on why you need to use monitors; why you don’t need to emphasize sanitation; how to target the deep voids where cockroaches breed; and more. Download the article.

Arizona PMP Wins E.O. Wilson Book Giveaway

Bob Gilbert, staff entomologist at Blue Sky Pest Control, Gilbert, Ariz., was announced as the winner of PCT’s recent giveaway of E.O. Wilson’s “Naturalist: A Graphic Adaptation.” Gilbert oversees the training of new technicians, introducing them to standard operating procedures and teaching classes on topics such as rodent identification. Gilbert said he is thrilled to receive this book and add it to his collection of other E.O. Wilson works, including the renowned “Ants.” Gilbert said he admires Wilson for his groundbreaking research, his thoroughness of investigation and his ability to make the information comprehensible to the average person.

Webinars On Demand

Throughout the year, PCT hosts free webinars sponsored by leading industry suppliers. PMPs can watch and participate in these webinars live or access them from our webinar on-demand page: The most recent webinar was sponsored by FieldRoutes, and it featured Hal Coleman, president of Coleman Services. Coleman presented “Misconceptions Around Marketing,” which included a look at 10 common marketing mistakes that PCOs make. He was joined by Ryan Drury, sales manager, FieldRoutes, who also shared insights into how PCOs can effectively market, even when on a tight budget.