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June 20, 2018


PCT keeps a pulse on the industry with timely Reader Poll questions. Below is the most recent question for pest management professionals at Do you offer a 401 (k) or comparable retirement savings plan for employees?


Here’s a look at results from a recent Reader Poll:

Is your company seeing more or fewer driver incidents than it was five years ago?

Source: PCT Reader Poll, May 2018


As reported in this month’s Rearview, the earwig is the “origami champion of the animal kingdom.” Watch a video of university researchers re-creating this bio-inspired origami.

Sponsored PODCAST: Mosquito Control Primer

PCT Online includes a variety of podcasts featuring leading technical experts, including those from industry suppliers. In May, PCT caught up with Nicky Gallagher, technical services manager, Midwest and Northeast U.S., Syngenta. Gallagher has conducted extensive lab and field research on mosquitoes and in a new podcast she reviewed important components of effective mosquito control programs. Download the podcast or access it from Online Extras on the PCT Online homepage.

Five New Online Label Training Modules Now Live

In May, PCT announced the addition of the following label training modules: Ensystex’s IV Bithor SC, Part 1; Ensystex’s IV Bithor SC, Part 2; Bell Laboratories’ Contrac Soft Bait; Control Solutions Inc.’s Fuse Termiticide/Insecticide, Part 1; and CSI’s Fuse Termiticide/Insecticide, Part 2. The courses can be accessed here and from Univar’s ProTraining library available at.