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June 13, 2022


PCT keeps a pulse on the industry with timely Reader Poll questions. Here is the most recent question for pest management professionals. Does your company employ door-to-door sales professionals? Click here to participate.


Here's a look at results from a recent PCT Reader Poll.

NEW: PCT Best Video Contest

No two days are alike in the day and life of a pest management professional. On your daily routes you encounter massive swarms, filthy accounts and sometimes unexpected pest encounters. Thanks to today’s technology (e.g., smartphones, trail cameras) you have captured many of these encounters on video. Upload your best pest-related video at for a chance to win $500 from PCT. Please note that all videos must be uploaded as MP4s, 30 seconds or less in length and no larger than 180 MB.

NEW: Talking Points E-Newsletter

PCT’s newest digital offering, Talking Points, is a weekly e-newsletter roundup of the best social media content in the pest control industry, as well as expertly curated social-related articles, videos, podcasts and more! Sign up for Talking Points, as well as other e-newsletters sent by PCT.


Nominate a Technician of the Year Online

PCT recently launched its annual Technician of the Year awards program. The awards recognize a trio of standout service professionals in the residential, commercial and termite categories. Be sure to nominate your company’s standout service professionals.

You can nominate a Technician of the Year online.


Rolie Calzadilla, owner of Pest Wildlife Pro, Miami, Fla., wrote the PCT feature “Pet Bird vs. Pest Bird.” In a new podcast, Calzadilla discusses the importance of educating people not to feed birds, and he also provides recommendations for live bird removal from his 17 years controlling birds. Download here.