Pass Pest Control’s Heineman Helps a Couple in Need
Shawn Heineman
Pass Pest Control

Pass Pest Control’s Heineman Helps a Couple in Need

Service specialist Shawn Heineman saved the day for an out-of-town elderly couple who ended up with a flat tire at one of Pass Pest Control’s offices.

January 20, 2022

NEWBURGH, Ind. – Pass Pest Control celebrated one of its service specialists who went above and beyond to help two people in need.

Pest control technician Shawn Heineman, 44, has worked in the pest control industry for around 15 years. While making a routine stop at Pass’ Newburgh, Ind. office, employees took note of a car that had unexpectedly stopped in the parking lot. An elderly couple emerged from the vehicle, circling it multiple times. Recognizing the two appeared to be having car trouble, Heineman took initiative and stepped outside to help.

It turned out the couple was from out of town, headed the wrong direction and ended up with a flat tire, said Heineman. He decided to help because “the world could use a lot more people loving their neighbor as themselves.”

“I told them to get their stuff out of the truck because it was loaded down with gifts and [other items] for the holidays,” he said. “I go ahead and put the spare on for them. I was heading back the direction of the nearest [mechanic’s garage] anyway. I led them over there where they could get their tire either patched or replaced.”

The couple later sent Heineman a thank you card. He considered the gesture to be very thoughtful.

“I think it's important for everybody to do this,” Heineman said of his good deed. “To me, it's irrelevant what your profession is. And for me, of course, this is a faith-based motivation. But this is, on a general basic human level, I think something everybody should engage in regardless of what you do for a living or what you believe.”