Call for Entries for PCT’s 21st Annual Photo Contest
BJ Holloway, owner of Karma Pest Solutions, Rapid City, S.D., won last year’s competition with his photo of a praying mantis atop an orange traffic cone.
istock | Olga Sitnitskaya and © BJ Halloway

Call for Entries for PCT’s 21st Annual Photo Contest

Send PCT your best pest photo for a chance to win $500. Entry deadline is Dec. 8.

October 26, 2022

We’re accepting entries for our 21st annual Best Pest Photo Contest. The contest is your chance to be recognized for having taken one of the best photographs in the pest control industry. Photos will be judged on the three Cs: color, clarity and content. The winning photographer will receive $500. In addition to the photo, please provide: (1) Identification of the pest; (2) location of where the photo was taken; (3) anything else unique about the photo or circumstances when you took it. Send this year’s entry* via email to or upload them to our website at Deadline is Dec. 8.

*Important note: There is a limit of one photo per entrant.