PCT Vehicle Wrap Contest

PCT Vehicle Wrap Contest

Submit a photo of your company's service vehicle for a chance to win $500 from PCT. Deadline to enter is this Thursday.

August 6, 2019

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Many innovative, marketing focused PCOs have taken advantage of the fact that their service vehicles are constantly on the road, thus serving a moving billboard. In recent years, many PCOs have taken vehicle graphic design to a new level with creative, eye-catching service vehicle wraps. Now is your chance to win $500 from PCT and to be recognized among your peers for having the best service vehicle wrap in the pest control industry in the first-ever “PCT Vehicle Wrap Contest.”

Simply fill out the online form and upload a photo of one of your service vehicles for your chance to win $500. Wraps will be judged on the following: Execution of creative concept; use of design elements; use of colors; placement and readability of contact info.

Submit a photo of your company’s service vehicle wrap at https://buff.ly/2xcnlpc.

Entry deadline is Aug. 15.