PCT’s M&A Virtual Conference is August 21

PCT’s M&A Virtual Conference is August 21

Join leading authorities on mergers and acquisitions and family business issues on Aug. 21 for this informative virtual event.

August 1, 2019

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio - The M&A market is hot and a growing number of PMPs have made the decision to “cash out” while multiples are still high. In fact, nearly one-quarter of the PCT Top 100 List has changed hands in the last three years.

PCT’s 6th Annual M&A Virtual Conference will provide expert advice from some of the industry’s leading authorities on mergers and acquisitions and family business issues. If you’re a PMP interested in learning more about the complexities of buying and selling pest control businesses, currently in the market for acquisitions, or laying the groundwork for succession planning, then you’ll want to attend this online virtual event!

The event takes place on Aug. 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Enjoy PCT’s Virtual M&A Conference from the comfort of your home or office for only $99. Register today by visiting http://manda.pctonline.com.

Mergers & Acquisitions Virtual Conference

August 21



An M&A Guide for Small- and Medium-Sized Companies

Rand Hollon, Licensed Broker, Preferred Business Brokers; Owner, Brick City Pest Control

Customer Retention: The Key to Building Value

Kemp Anderson, President, Kemp Anderson Consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions from a Global Perspective: Why It’s Important to Understand the Big Picture

Paul Giannamore, Managing Director, The Potomac Pest Control Group

Developing a Business Exit Strategy

Dan Gordon, Managing Director, PCO M&A Specialists; and John Corrigan, Partner, Corrigan, Baker & Levine

Practical Tips for Driving Business Growth to Position Your Company for Sale

Greg Clendenin, President, The Clendenin Consulting Group